Remembering long-time board member Izzy Allen

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Fondly remembering my Aunt Izzy Allen, who passed away last Saturday at 95 years old (almost 96). Besides being a close aunt, she was part of the board of Philippine-Asian Missions, Inc. (PAMI) since its first year back in 1983, was the secretary for many years, and attended board meetings up until just a couple years ago. Some of these pictures are from the PAMI board Christmas parties at her house or our house. Aunt Izzy and Aunt Ardelle were usually the instigators of fun games at these Christmas parties. Coincidentally, Aunt Izzy passed away at the same age and about the same time of year as Aunt Ardelle, who was a year older and passed away last year. They were always close friends, since being little girls, and are now together again, along with their husbands and other loved ones, and with their Lord Jesus. (more…)

PAMI field report updates

Click on the following to read field reports:

Bulan Christian Church 3rd Quarter Report

Montical Vario Church and Candumaay Additional Report

Matnog Report Third Quarter Oct2019


Matnog August report 2019

PAMI IrosinCC 3rd Quarter

Quarterly Report Activity in Buhang Christian Church

Patag Quarterly report August to October 2019

Gubat Third Quarter 2019 Report from Ptr Benjie Camar

Castilla Church Third Quarter 2019 Report from Ptr Redgie Bonifacio

In honor of the 14th anniversary of Living in Christ (LINC) Church –formerly known as Brampton Community Christian Church–of Brampton, Ontario, this is a five minute presentation of video and pictures from the PAMI ministries that they have supported the last two years. This includes support in 2018 that funded construction of a new building for Fabrica Church in Bulan, Sorsogon, Philippines. And it also includes support that began in 2019 to fund the ministry of Pastor Michael and Michelle Hista in Matnog, Sorsogon, Philippines. The Histas have a church in Candumaay, Sta Isabel, Matnog that celebrated its 2nd anniversary in April 2019. They also have a daughter church meeting in the home of Sister Joyce Manabut in Culasi, Matnog, that began after a May 2019 crusade in Culasi. Philippine-Asian Missions, Inc ( wishes to express a big thank you for this partnership.

Sept 2019 PAMI News

Click on the following to see the latest PAMI News:  Sept 2019 PAMI Newsletter .  It mentions financial needs (for reroofing the ECF church at EBI and adding new workers), as well as includes exciting news and pictures of a crusade, new EBI students, Youth Development Team Building, and a lot of baptisms.

VIC classes taught in public schools

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Various PAMI pastors, workers, and Emmaus Bible Institute students are teaching Values Instruction Classes in elementary and high school public schools throughout the Province.  These are 30 minute classes taught weekly using Christian based curriculum and training from the Matthew 18:14 organization.  This public service is an avenue for connecting with families and the community, as well as exposing kids to Christian values.  It’s interesting that the Philippine government actually encourages churches to help install values to students, instead of worrying about separation of church and state like in the U.S.  EBI VIC teachers are becoming well-respected by public school teachers, principals, and town officials.  Sis Ofel has even been asked to be a commencement speaker.  Increased familiarity also means students and parents will be more open to joining other ministries of EBI or attend church at Emmaus Christian Fellowship.  For instance, some of these students will later be recipients of Operation Christmas Child boxes and discipleship, or become Compassion sponsored kids.  The first few photos are from a Matthew 18:14 training session: (more…)

Youth Development Team Building at EBI & update from Sis Ofel

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Here’s an August 15th update from Sis Ofel: EBI Partition Updates Aug 2019

It appears that the mosquito borne Dengue Fever is still a problem in the Province.  Sis Ofel mentioned in her report about Sis Gloria Tumala going to the hospital for it.  She got released about two weeks ago. Now Ptr Redgie’s 4-year-old daughter Novelee Izzy is being tested for it.  Ptr Redgie says the government is doing chemical fogging/misting on their street in Baybay, Castilla.

Also, here are some pictures of a May 24th Social Welfare Youth Development Team Building held at EBI.  Note that some of these games resemble those done at the April all-PAMI Youth Camp. (more…)

Ptr Virgilio’s reports of Bulan Church and a wedding he officiated

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Click on the following pdf file to see photos of:  Bulan Christian Report Summer Activities 5-10-19

Click on the following pdf file to see photos of:  Newly Added Families in Bible Studies

Click on the following pdf file to see photos of:  Bulan Christian Church Report 6-29-19

Click on the following pdf file to see photos of:  Bulan Christian Daughter Churches Report 7-16-19B

Matnog and Irosin 2nd Quarter Reports and Culasi 1st Worship Service

Click here to see:  PAMI IROSIN CHRISTIAN CHURCH 2nd Quarter Report 7-2-19

Click here to see:  Hista Candumaay Matnog 2nd Quarter 2019 Report

There’s been a lot of good ministry happening in and around Matnog and Irosin.  Ptr Gumer and Ofie Gile live in Irosin and have a church there (in the former Fortes compound provided by Jing Danielson), but Ptr Gumer is also a PAMI partition head that supervises other churches, including the one in Candumaay, Sta Isabella, Matnog.  Ptr Gumer was the one who had started ministry in Candumaay Matnog a few years ago, which was turned over to Ptr Michael and Michelle Hista two years ago.  Ptr Gumer is sort of like the Apostle Paul, that travels around evangelizing, getting places ready for church plants (e.g. Candumaay, Gubat, Culasi, Juag Island, San Agustin).  Ptr Michael has been a protege of Ptr Gumer.  Like Ptr Gumer, Ptr Michael is also reaching beyond his homebase in Candumaay to other places like Culasi and Caloocan.  After conducting a May 27-28 Evangelistic Crusade in Culasi, Ptr Gumer and Ptr Michael recently initiated the the first worship service in Culasi in the home of Sis Joyce Manabat, and plan to go back there each Saturday.  Sis Joyce and her mother were among the five baptized in Candumaay on April 28. (more…)

Please pray for Rebecca Huab in hospital & others with health issues

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PAMI pastors praying over Sister Rebecca

Please pray for Sis Rebecca Huab, the wife of PAMI Pastor Jess Huab of Patag Church, near Irosin.  Her condition is currently very critical.  She is having difficultly breathing, in a lot of pain, is very weak, and not eating much.  Her blood pressure was very low, so they gave a blood transfusion.  She needs dialysis, but has been too weak to have it.  She also has bad sores on her foot and leg.  All of this is probably a complication of her diabetes.  As of July 5th, as a last ditch effort to save her life, Sis Rebecca is being transferred from a Sorsogon hospital to a Legazpi hospital which has a kidney doctor and the ability to do dialysis.  So far PAMI has given them $100 for out-of-pocket expenses in Sorsogon and $200 for out-of-pocket expenses in Legazpi to help cover what their PhilHealth doesn’t cover.  Perhaps some PAMI supporters might like to help chip in towards these extra expenses.  I’m sad to report that Sis Rebecca passed away on July 6th.  The last $200 will be used for funeral help instead of medical help.  After a week of visitation, the burial will be Friday, July 12.

Other PAMI people have had medical issues too.  Ptr Virgilio Fulo was dizzy and weak and is taking medications for his gall bladder and heart.  One EBI student burned their hands and another is having stomach ache.  Ptr Redgie’s little daughter Asian Pearl hit her head on the cement floor, and Ptr Winston’s little daughter had UTI and Amoebias and son missed the first week of school due to fever and swollen legs.  Pray for God’s healing and protection.

Sponsors Desired for Potential New Workers

The three who graduated from EBI on April 2nd.

PAMI is considering adding four new workers and seeking supporters to help sponsor them.  These include two of the three young men that graduated from EBI on April 2–Roland Ladub from Bulabog Church and Christian Villafuerte from Emmaus Christian Fellowship Church. They have been helping with various outreaches as volunteers since they’ve graduated.  They will now start heading up the Buhang church, under the supervision/mentorship of nearby Ptr Pio Garduque of Barcelona Church and Ptr Gumer Gile of Irosin Church.  For the last couple years the Buhang church has been in need of a permanent pastor and has been just mainly handled by interns.  These EBI graduates had previously interned there during their Junior and Senior years, so they are familiar with that place.  They are hoping to boost the ministry there by conducting Values Instruction Classes in the local public school using curriculum from Matthew 18:14, doing children’s feedings, and leading Bible studies and other outreaches.  They could each use sponsors willing to support them at $50-$75 per month.  (By the way, the third graduate, Nisen Calamdag, from Calbayog City, Samar chose to not stay with PAMI, but instead serve in his hometown church helping Ptra. Robelyn Ongcal who is a previous EBI graduate now part of a different mission.)

The other two workers that PAMI is considering adding include Ptr Benjie and Sis Rafaela Camar, who both graduated from EBI a few years ago.  Ever since she graduated from EBI, Sis Rafaela has been a teacher to Compassion kids that come to EBI campus for several hours every Saturday.  She also used to be PAMI worker helping Ptr Marlon of Bulabog church near EBI.  But after getting married to Ptr Benjie a couple years ago, they served under the ministry of Ptr Benjie’s home church doing church planting in Prieto Diaz.  After completing a period of loyalty service to his home church, they now want to switch to PAMI.  The plan is to have them continue outreaches in Gubat started by Ptr Gumer, establishing and growing a new church there.  They can use about $125 per month sponsorship.

The wedding of Ptr Benjie to Sis Ela at EBI a couple years ago.

For more background on these four candidates, see below: (more…)

EBI school year started June 10

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Eight new Freshmen EBI students

“The peace that passeth understanding will guard our hearts so that we will live in the abundance of His Grace”

Last June 10 – We started Bible School with Orientation and presentation of our guidelines and policies from the school handbook. We have 8 freshmen all in all –5 from Manurabi, Matnog — I want to clarify the students are not from Culasi, they are from Manurabi which is 8 barangays from Culasi (Pastor Loreto Alig of Manurabi learns about EBI from Operation Christmas Child when they got their boxes here at EBI), 1 from PAMI Castilla, 1 from Northern Samar and returnee Jerry Homo from Fabrica who decided to continue his Bible schooling; so a total of 8 freshmen. (more…)