Welcome Baby Moses

Ptr. Gumer and Ophie Gile (serving Irosin Christian Church) are now proud parents of an adopted baby.  Gumer writes:
We thank God too for His gift of baby for me and my wife. The baby was from a young girl who was abandoned by a boyfriend after knowing that she’s pregnant. Still pregnant then, the girl decided to look for a couple who would receive her baby as she thought that she isn’t capable of becoming a single mother.
Ptr Gumer and wife Ophie decided to adopt the baby as they [had been] really praying to have one for quite a long time. So, on July 7, 2010, they took the baby, registered at the local registry, them as his parents, and named the baby Moses.
Other News from Irosin
We thank God for His faithfulness to us and the people whom God entrusted to us.  Many of our Bible studies are continuing. For instance, Bro Boy Buenaagua has 2 regular Bible studies. Though his family was struggling with day to day needs, they’ve been very active with his Bible studies and in all church services. The Lord, then blessed his crops (rice, vegetables, sweet potatoes).  Pray for him as he divides his time between leading his Bible studies and attending to his farm.
Please pray that God would touch our neighbors. The first one is a medical doctor.   He has many cocks (for cockfights) and he had used our church front yard for breeding the cocks with those small cages. This in turn became a distraction especially when we have worship services here. At first, we thought of bringing this to the barangay chairman, but decided to bring it God in an earnest prayer. Just this week, he talked to me and asking an apology about this, about being a gambler in particular. He even said that he wants all his associates to attend PAMI church.
The second one is another neighbor who threw stones whenever we have Bible services here. We are praying that we would have better place to move into not just because of these neighbors but the presence of many pigpen here that disturb us with very bad odor.
Ptr. Gumer and Ophie Gile

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