February Medical Mission and Other Donsol Updates

By Ptr. Abner and Marilou Cornelio – January 11, 2011
My family and I would like to give our heartfelt appreciation to PAMI mission as partners in the ministry.  I mean the support, concerns and prayer that you’ve shown. Sometimes, because of the distance of our place, it seems that we’re separated from our roots, loved ones and other friends for a thousand miles. Even cellphone signal here isn’t that reliable. Pastor Chito is always asking me if I received such communications, updates or advisory but oftentimes, I really did not.
However, those circumstance would not deter us from doing God’s mission here of reaching out people for Christ.
We thank God for answering our prayers to help reach less privileged children in the neighborhood. God has used one of the pastors here (Ptr Improso), a retired teacher with a burning passion to serve the Lord. He became partners of a feeding ministry called Bethesda Feeding Program, giving Vitameals to 120 malnourished school children here in Public School near our church. He enlists me as a Values Education teacher, part of the feeding program, to teach the children before the feeding. Now, I handle the Grade 3 and Grade 4 class.
Two of our church members, Tess and Analiza, are members of an NGO foundation called 24K Firm Foundation. The said foundation is like a cooperative which focuses on assisting in the livelihood. The founder being a Christian looked for a Christian worker or pastor who would evangelize or disciple the members, about thirty of them. Tess and Analiza recommended me to be in charge of the members’ Bible study. My schedule for Bible study is Sunday afternoon.
This coming February, they have scheduled a Medical Mission. They are expecting about 500 to 700 people here in Donsol. Please help us pray that the Lord would open the hearts of the people to receiving not just healing of the body but salvation of their souls as well. To God be the Glory!
Our greetings of a blessed new year to all!
In Christ,
Pastor Abner & Marilou Cornelio

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