Please pray for Rebecca Huab in hospital & others with health issues

PAMI pastors praying over Sister Rebecca

Please pray for Sis Rebecca Huab, the wife of PAMI Pastor Jess Huab of Patag Church, near Irosin.  Her condition is currently very critical.  She is having difficultly breathing, in a lot of pain, is very weak, and not eating much.  Her blood pressure was very low, so they gave a blood transfusion.  She needs dialysis, but has been too weak to have it.  She also has bad sores on her foot and leg.  All of this is probably a complication of her diabetes.  As of July 5th, as a last ditch effort to save her life, Sis Rebecca is being transferred from a Sorsogon hospital to a Legazpi hospital which has a kidney doctor and the ability to do dialysis.  So far PAMI has given them $100 for out-of-pocket expenses in Sorsogon and $200 for out-of-pocket expenses in Legazpi to help cover what their PhilHealth doesn’t cover.  Perhaps some PAMI supporters might like to help chip in towards these extra expenses.  I’m sad to report that Sis Rebecca passed away on July 6th.  The last $200 will be used for funeral help instead of medical help.  After a week of visitation, the burial will be Friday, July 12.
Other PAMI people have had medical issues too.  Ptr Virgilio Fulo was dizzy and weak and is taking medications for his gall bladder and heart.  One EBI student burned their hands and another is having stomach ache.  Ptr Redgie’s little daughter Asian Pearl hit her head on the cement floor, and Ptr Winston’s little daughter had UTI and Amoebias and son missed the first week of school due to fever and swollen legs.  Pray for God’s healing and protection.