[Let’s discuss how we want to update this page, or if it is even needed at all.  In my opinion, I don’t think we need an exhaustive list of all PAMI workers because it usually doesn’t get updated when people change, and probably doesn’t provide much value for someone new who found the web-page online.  But what I think would be useful on this page would be to have pictures, stories, background, testimony, etc., of key PAMI staff, so that someone can feel like they get to know those people better.]

PAMI currently has 22 paid pastors and church workers, located in 14 different places in the Sorsogon and Northern Samar provinces of the Philippines.  Read more here about PAMI’s dedicated ministers of the Gospel.

[Suggest deleting this, because I don’t think we are doing Adopt-a-Pastor any more.]  PAMI is looking for sponsors for some of these pastors through the Adopt-a-Pastor program.  (see Sponsor page).

Perhaps you would like to adopt one of these PAMI workers and come to know them more personally.

 Virgilio and Letty Fulo

PAMI Field Director and Senior Pastor of Bulan Christian Church and Daughter Churches

pami-virgilio-43101229_stdPtr. Virgilio Fulo has been the local field director of the PAMI mission since Ptr. Chito Mendizabal passed away in June 2012.

Ptr. Virgilio Fulo is also the senior pastor of the PAMI church in Bulan, the first PAMI church started in Sorsogon, and today the largest PAMI church. He also oversees three daughter churches.  Virgilio has a vision for even further growth of the Christian church in Bulan, in both numbers and in maturity.

Virgilio was part of the first EBI class that started in 1984 and graduated in 1988.  One of his teachers was Letty Duque, who came from the Bethany Fellowship Bible School on Mindoro Island.

Virgilio and Letty eventually married in 1990, and today they have three sons: Melvin, Alvin, and Nathaniel.

Ofel Mendizabal

Director of Emmaus Bible Institute in Guinlajon, Sorsogon City, Sorsogon

Ofel Mpami-chito-43101113_stdendizabal took over as the director of Emmaus Bible Institute when her husband Ptr. Chito Mendizabal passed away in June 2012.

Prior to June 2012, Ptr Chito had served as both the local field director of the PAMI mission and the director of Emmaus Bible Institute.  Since his graduation from EBI in1989, Chito had worked with the Korean Presbyterian Church in Albay Province and PAMI in Sorsogon Province, before becoming the EBI director in 1994 and PAMI field director in 2004.

Chito and Ofel have five children: Paul-Jethro, Kevin, Matthew, Nicolle, and Shelly Pauline.

Gumer and Ofie Gile

Irosin, Sorsogon

pami-gumer-43101508_stdPtr. Gumer shepherds the growing PAMI church in Irosin.  Gumer’s warm handshake, friendly smile, and outgoing personality demonstrate to those he meets that he genuinely cares.

His church in Irosin has outgrown the meeting room inside their rented house, and they now meet under a tin awning.  Even this awning now is getting too small for the congregation, and they are praying for their own land and building.

Gumer and his wife Ofie have an adopted son named Moses.

Pio Garduque

Barcelona, Sorsogon

pami-pio_g-43101946_stdPtr. Pio Garduque ministers in the town of Barcelona, pastoring the Barcelona Christian church.  Pio is also a carpenter, and has used those skills skills to build a good rapport within the community.

Pio volunteered his time to help construct the kindergarden building at an elementary school in a nearby villiage.  The school has in turn allowed Pio to use their building as a location for the church’s Milk Feeding children’s ministry program.

Pio and his wife Juvy (not pictured) have two daughters, Faith and Hope, and son Azariah Kiel.

Redgie Bonifacio

Castilla, Sorsogon

pami-redgie-43102123_stdPtr. Redgie is an upstanding, amicable, devoted, and capable individual.  He pastors the Castilla Christian Church.  Since his graduation from EBI in 2005, he has also been teaching once per week at the Bible school, traveling for 45 minutes each way by jeepney.  Redgie married a school teacher named Aireen in 2010, and they now have a daughter named Aira Lois and a son named David Chito.


Joel and Minda Homo

Fabrica, Bulan, Sorsogon

pami-homo-43102752_stdPtr. Joel Homo shepherds Fabrica Christian church, one of the daughter churches of Bulan Christian Church.  He and his wife Minda also conduct many Bible Studies and Milk Feeding outreaches.  Ptr. Joel also works part time as a photographer.  His father and brother were some of the first Christian converts of PAMI back in 1982.


Other PAMI Workers

 Rafael and Elsie Dominguez                                                                Virgil Gacis

Senior Pastor of Emmaus Christian Fellowhip at EBI               Bulusan, Sorsogon

Ptr. Pio Guray – Lapinig, Bulan, Sorsogon

Ptr. Nonilon and Marjorie Polo – Monte Calvario, Bulan, Sorsogon

Ptr. Jess  and Rebecca Huab – Patag, Irosin, Sorsogon

Ptra. Lordilyn Querobines – San Isidro, Northern Samar

Ptr. Lorenzo Fugen – E2E coordinator and film projectionist, also assisting at EBI

Ptr. Marlon Gabion – Bulabog, Sorsogon, Sorsogon

Espie Fresto – Site director of Compassion program at EBI

Elmer Besa – Compassion Staff

Marissa Fraga – Compassion Staff

Imee Emberga – Compassion Staff

Thelma Reyes – Compassion Staff

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