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Sponsoring Sister Michelle to Pioneer in San Juan, Bulan

Sister Michelle Liclican graduated from EBI in March 2010 and desires to plant a daughter church of Bulan Church in her own neighborhood.  The Bulan Church is willing to cover half her allowance if someone from the U.S. is willing to cover the other half.  Please consider being her sponsor. From Virgilio Fulo, pastor of […]

Compassion, EBI Bible Camp, and More …

Greetings in God’s grace! Praise God that His grace indeed abounds. In the midst of El Nino Phenomenon in the Philippines; we still have fair weather here in our province, especially in Sorsogon. Many farmers have been blessed with increased harvest of rice and other crops. Thanks too for your prayers.

New Kids Ministry in Sirangan (a poor area near Sorsogon market)

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The grace of God in Christ Jesus! Last April 02, 2010 (Good Friday), Sis Marietta Calolot (former Marietta Rosin; EBI batch 1 *) visited us at EBI and shared us about opening a ministry/missionwork. Relatives of her husband (Raffy) which happened to be christians in Metro Manila were looking for christian workers to start mission […]

Ptr James prepares for Mongolia by going to Palawan

Ptr Arman James Formanes Here’s a nice report from EBI graduate Ptr Arman James Formanes, who just completed 4 months of cross-cultural training classes at ACM near Manila, and then went on a two week in-country cross-cultural exposure trip to the southern part of Palawan island. Note that Bataraza Palawan is in a Muslim part […]

News from Bulan

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Update from Ptr. Virgilio Fulo: Woman delivered from bondage of idolatry …  Revival in the love of Christ … Lapinig 7th anniversary …

Barcelona Baptism

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Water Baptism was held in Barcelona (PAMI church served by Ptr. Pio Garduque) on Feb. 6, 2010.  Check out the following pictures:

Testimonies of EBI Graduates to Become PAMI Workers

Recent EBI graduates Lorenzo Fugen and Isomel Espinar are to join PAMI.  Lorenzo will help co-pastor the PAMI Church in Bulusan (Lorenzo’s hometown) and co-administer the E2E ministry with veteran Pastor Virgil Gacis.  Administering E2E will involve Pastors Lorenzo and Virgil scheduling and conducting “Jesus” film showings with various pastors in different locations, distributing audio Bible “Proclaimers” and […]