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Review of 2013

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Anyone who gave at least $50 to PAMI in 2013 was sent a page of recent pictures entitled PAMI BULLETIN–JANUARY 2014 (see previous post) along with the following summary of highlights from the last year: Thank you for your gifts and prayers for PAMI in 2013–for being a channel of grace to others.  The theme […]

January 2014 PAMI Bulletin

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Click below to see the latest PAMI news: January 2014 PAMI bulletin

25 People Baptized on Jan 18th

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On Saturday, Jan 18th there was a baptism held on the beach in Tongbongon, near Bulan.  On that day, 25 people were baptized from either the Bulan church or its daughter churches.  That same day was also the 21st anniversary of the Fabrica church, which is Bulan’s oldest daughter church. Please click on the following link […]

PAMI updates and invitation to Jan 19 presentation at Emmaus Lutheran in Bloomington, MN

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We’d love to see you at Emmaus Lutheran this coming Sunday morning, January 19 at 9:45 am.  The address is: Emmaus Free Lutheran Church 8443 Second Ave S Bloomington, MN  55420  

Second batch typhoon relief is delivered early January 2014

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After mentioning some things about super-typhoon Haiyan in the November 2013 PAMI newsletter, I am happy to let you know a couple encouraging addendums. For one thing, Pastor Randy Rivera’s electricity in Allen, Northern Samar was finally restored after 25 days, so he was able to resume his daily radio programs.  For another thing, we […]

November 2013 PAMI newsletter

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Here is the November 2013 PAMI Newsletter: click here