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E2E film showings conducted this last year

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Pastor Lorenzo is the PAMI E2E (End to End) coordinator and film showing projectionist. Besides conducting film showings, he also helps with teaching at Emmaus Bible Institute and outreaches of Emmaus Christian Fellowship. One of PAMI’s goals is to have Pastor Lorenzo conduct at least one film showing per month. It’s amazing how many people have been […]

More typhoon relief delivered

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Here are pictures and a report of the 3rd batch of relief supplied by PAMI to victims of the November 6th super-typhoon Haiyan.  This 3rd batch included 80 blankets brought this week via motorcycles to Marabut and Lawaan in southern Samar by Pastor Randy Rivera and one of his church members Brother Mykel.  They left […]

Addendum to Tinampo update

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Pastor Jess Huab and an Irosin church member can be seen here at the Irosin church constructing 12 benches for the new Tinampo church building.  Even Pastor Gumer’s adopted son Moses tries to help.  In a Sat. Feb 8th text from Pastor Gumer, he says that 6 people were in the process of painting these […]

Tinampo update

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Tinampo is a barangay on the northwestern outskirts of Irosin.  In the middle of last year, Pastor Gumer of the PAMI Irosin church told us how the owners of an old building in Tinampo offered to fix it up and make it available for starting ministry there.  After fixing the roof, they are now starting […]

Patag update

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Patag is a barangay on the eastern outskirts of Irosin, where Pastor Jesus and Rebecca Huab have been conducting outreaches.  Pastor Jess is a 2012 EBI graduate who was added as a PAMI worker last fall.  Those outreaches included a three month feeding program sponsored by Child Community Ministry Philippines (CCMP).  After recently moving to a […]

Reports from Pastor Virgilio Fulo

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Since Pastor Virgilio Fulo is both the Overall Field Director of the PAMI mission and the Head of the Bulan Partition (Bulan church and its three daughter churches), his reports are twofold.  They include minutes of monthly meetings of all PAMI pastors/workers and also include activities of the Bulan church and its daughter churches.  Pastor […]

Another EBI update from Sister Ofel

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Here’s another EBI update from Sister Ofel:   Feb 4, 2014 Hi Bro. Mike, Praise God that He is working through our lives having burden for the lost souls. Capuy Outreach Ministry in His Grace is doing great with God’s provisions of having openness of spirit of the parents and young ones who are willing […]

ECF vision for 2014 and pictures of Capuy

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Sister Ofel says the Emmaus Christian Fellowship vision for 2014 includes the following: ♦  Conduct discipleship to ECF youths – Sunday School ♦  Conduct a Baptism ♦  Open Bible Studies in barangays near Bulabog, like Bucal-bucalan, Rizal and Panlayaan ♦  Develop a nice neighborhood relationship to the Bulabog Community ♦  Establish more daughter churches, including […]

EBI Christmas caroling, balikbayan boxes, and Bulabog

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   EBI did five nights of Christmas caroling, where students, staff, and staff family visited various people to sing for them, and then were given a few coins in return. The proceeds from this caroling helped buy a sound board mixing system.     

Penafrancia developments

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Penafrancia is a neighborhood about 2 kilometers east of Emmaus Bible Institute (towards downtown Sorsogon), and is connected with the Catubig family.  Pastor Rolly Catubig graduated from EBI a couple years ago, and is a part-time fisherman and part-time pastor.  His part-time support comes from the offering of Emmaus Christian Fellowship.  His daughter Liezyl graduated […]