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Fabrica Church Hoping to Build on Newly Purchased Lot

Fabrica Church recently bought a lot approximately a football field length away from the place they’ve been renting for many years.  Fabrica is one of 63 barangays of the municipality of Bulan, on the west side of Sorsogon Province.  Fabrica lies along the main highway as you approach Bulan town proper from the east.  Fabrica […]

Emmaus Bible Institute Updates

We praise God for two group baptisms that happened  on November 4 (during the break between 1st and 2nd semesters).  On that same day, 5 were baptized from the Bulan partition, and 19 were baptized from the Emmaus Bible Institute partition.  16 of the 19 were Compassion sponsored older kids, who have been deeply impacted […]

Bulan and All-PAMI Worker Activities

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Since Ptr Virgilio Fulo is both the senior pastor of Bulan Church and the overall PAMI field director, his reports include info and pictures from both arenas.  Since Ptr Vir is the main pastor certified to perform marriages, he is occasionally called on to conduct marriage ceremonies throughout the mission.  He also presides over monthly […]