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Irosin Church planning a second Rock for Jesus Battle of the Bands

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The PAMI Irosin Church is planning a second Rock for Jesus Battle of the Bands on April 6 (about a year since the first one) to be held again in the town ampitheater.  It is meant as both an outreach and fundraiser to raise money for a youth welding program.  See the following proposal submitted […]

Irosin Church Updates and Church Multiplication Coalition

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Ptr Gumer wrote in January about a CMC seminar recently held at the PAMI Irosin church: “This is our picture during the CMC seminar that was held at PAMI ICC where the subject is for discipleship and evangelism training. 8 people from the Irosin church attended and Ptr Jess from Patag and Ptr Felmar from […]

EBI slideshows, plus a proposal and report

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Below are several Powerpoint slideshows composed by EBI people of recent EBI highlights.  After clicking on a link to open it, go to the “slideshow” tab  towards the top, click on “start from the beginning,”  and then press arrow, spacebar, or enter key to go to the next slide. Apple Giving Capuy Children Ministry and […]

Newsletters and State of Union

Here are the two most recent PAMI publications: December 2017 PAMI Newsletter January 2018 PAMI Bulletin For a summary of 2017 ministry, below is a copy of what went out to those supporters that received year-end statements in January:

New Year report from Ptr Vir re Fabrica construction/Bulan Church/PAMI

Here’s a pdf file with pictures of December Activities of the Bulan Church and PAMI, and a letter from Ptr Virgilio Fulo thanking God for recent blessings and looking forward to the new year: Bulan Christian Church and PAMI December Activities