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PAMI field report updates

Click on the following to read field reports: Bulan Christian Church 3rd Quarter Report Montical Vario Church and Candumaay Additional Report Matnog Report Third Quarter Oct2019 MatnogSept2019Report Matnog August report 2019 PAMI IrosinCC 3rd Quarter Quarterly Report Activity in Buhang Christian Church Patag Quarterly report August to October 2019 Gubat Third Quarter 2019 Report from […]

2018 Vision and Summertime Activities of Irosin Church

Under the leadership of Pastor Gumer Gile, the Irosin Church has the following vision and goals. PAMI IROSIN CHRISTIAN CHURCH CHURCH VISION AND MISSION FOR 2018     VISION: Our vision is seven fold: Love God and worship Him in Spirit and in truth –Mathew 22:37,John 4:24 Love people – Mathew 22:38 To be like […]

Graduation, OCC box distribution, milk feedings, and other ministries of EBI partition

Below are pdf versions of picture slideshows of some various ministries of the EBI partition, including the March 26 graduation of two EBI students, Operation Christmas Child gift boxes with accompanying evangelistic booklets that were distributed during Easter Week, using the new Capuy ministry cottage that was recently constructed for $280, milk feedings, Family Development […]

EBI slideshows, plus a proposal and report

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Below are several Powerpoint slideshows composed by EBI people of recent EBI highlights.  After clicking on a link to open it, go to the “slideshow” tab  towards the top, click on “start from the beginning,”  and then press arrow, spacebar, or enter key to go to the next slide. Apple Giving Capuy Children Ministry and […]

Irosin Church Picture Report

Click on this link to view:  PAMI-IROSIN-CHRISTIAN-CHURCH-4-10-17B

Reports and Pics from Ptr Gumer of Irosin Church and Outreaches

Pastor Gumer Gile is a PAMI partition head (oversees church work of Irosin, Patag, Bulusan, Barcelona, Buhang, and Castilla).  He’s also the pastor of Irosin Church (located in the Bacolod neighborhood), does radio programs, and travels many places to conduct outreaches.  See below for more pictures and a couple of his reports: July to Sept […]

November PAMI Bulletin (Mabini update)

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Click on this link to view:  PAMI Bulletin Nov. 2016 To see more pictures from Mabini (OCC discipleship sessions and graduation), look below: