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March 2020 PAMI Bulletin and impact of COVID-19

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Click on the following for the latest PAMI bulletin:  March 2020 PAMI Bulletin.  This bulletin illustrates the 2020 vision and goals of various partitions/churches of PAMI as of the end of February.  Perhaps these plans will have to change now that the whole world has shut down due to COVID-19 social restrictions. As of March 26 […]

2019 Summary, January 2020 PAMI Bulletin and Typhoon Recovery

By the end of January, year-end statements and a January 2020 PAMI Bulletin were mailed out to those that made 2019 contributions to PAMI.  The year-end statements included the following summary of PAMI ministries in 2019: Dear Friends: Thank you for your gifts and prayers for PAMI in 2019.  They are fitting of Hebrews 13:16 that […]

Mabini Youth Help Teach 5 Day Club to Anog Children

Making use of curriculum and training provided by Christian organizations Matthew 18:14 and Child Evangelism Fellowship, Sister Espie Fresto enlisted youth from Mabini to help teach a 5 Day Club to children in neighboring Anog.  The youth attended training, prepped, and then helped with the event.

Videos from Mabini/Anog ministry to children and youth

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Here are videos of ministry to children and youth in Mabini and Anog:

Valentine Hearts Day Celebrated in Mabini

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Valentine Hearts Day is a big thing to celebrate in the Philippines.  35 of the youth from Mabini and neighboring Anog combined together for a Fun Night celebration of it. Theme: Be Filled with Amazing Love of Jesus They enjoy the night with message of God and awards like king and queen of hearts, prince […]

PAMI Sept 2018 Bulletin, VVM visitors at Emmaus Lutheran, Super Typhoon Ompong

Click here to see the Sept 2018 PAMI Bulletin When this Bulletin was sent to the PAMI email list, the following information accompanied it:

April 2018 PAMI Newsletter & more Ptr Gumer highlights

Here’s the most recent PAMI publication, which includes highlights from the EBI partition and Bulan partition on page 1, and highlights of Ptr Gumer’s ministries on page 2: April 2018 PAMI Newsletter Note that Ptr Gumer could use sponsor(s) to cover his $200/month allowance (travel and family living expenses) and $25/month milk feedings, which are […]

Newsletters and State of Union

Here are the two most recent PAMI publications: December 2017 PAMI Newsletter January 2018 PAMI Bulletin For a summary of 2017 ministry, below is a copy of what went out to those supporters that received year-end statements in January:

March 2017 PAMI Bulletin

Click on this link to view:  PAMI BULLETIN Mar2017B

December 2016 PAMI Newsletter and 2016 Summary

Click on this link to view: PAMI NEWS Dec2016 For a summary of 2016 ministry, below is a copy of what went out to those supporters that received year-end statements in January: