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2019 Summary, January 2020 PAMI Bulletin and Typhoon Recovery

By the end of January, year-end statements and a January 2020 PAMI Bulletin were mailed out to those that made 2019 contributions to PAMI.  The year-end statements included the following summary of PAMI ministries in 2019: Dear Friends: Thank you for your gifts and prayers for PAMI in 2019.  They are fitting of Hebrews 13:16 that […]

Dec 2019 PAMI newsletter

Click on the following to see the latest PAMI newsletter: Dec 2019 PAMI newsletter .  It includes a remembrance of my aunt Izzy Allen, who was the sister of my uncle Norval Thorud (the founder and first missionary of PAMI).  It also includes info about Typhoon Tisoy that went through our area on Dec 2-3.

PAMI field report updates

Click on the following to read field reports: Bulan Christian Church 3rd Quarter Report Montical Vario Church and Candumaay Additional Report Matnog Report Third Quarter Oct2019 MatnogSept2019Report Matnog August report 2019 PAMI IrosinCC 3rd Quarter Quarterly Report Activity in Buhang Christian Church Patag Quarterly report August to October 2019 Gubat Third Quarter 2019 Report from […]

Sept 2019 PAMI News

Click on the following to see the latest PAMI News:  Sept 2019 PAMI Newsletter .  It mentions financial needs (for reroofing the ECF church at EBI and adding new workers), as well as includes exciting news and pictures of a crusade, new EBI students, Youth Development Team Building, and a lot of baptisms.

Matnog and Irosin 2nd Quarter Reports and Culasi 1st Worship Service

Click here to see:  PAMI IROSIN CHRISTIAN CHURCH 2nd Quarter Report 7-2-19 Click here to see:  Hista Candumaay Matnog 2nd Quarter 2019 Report There’s been a lot of good ministry happening in and around Matnog and Irosin.  Ptr Gumer and Ofie Gile live in Irosin and have a church there (in the former Fortes compound […]

Sponsors Desired for Potential New Workers

PAMI is considering adding four new workers and seeking supporters to help sponsor them.  These include two of the three young men that graduated from EBI on April 2–Roland Ladub from Bulabog Church and Christian Villafuerte from Emmaus Christian Fellowship Church. They have been helping with various outreaches as volunteers since they’ve graduated.  They will […]

March PAMI Bulletin, Ptr Gumer’s Irosin Church Report and 2019 Vision

Click here to see the March 2019 PAMI Bulletin that highlights some ministry of Ptr Gumer. Click here to see the 1st Quarter Reports and 2019 Vision of Ptr Gumer Gile’s Irosin Christian Church and Ptr Jess Huab’s Patag Christian Church:  1st Qtr Reports and 2019 Vision of Irosin and Patag Churches Note that Ptr […]

Ptr Vir’s Bulan Partition Report and 2019 Vision

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PAMI Sept 2018 Bulletin, VVM visitors at Emmaus Lutheran, Super Typhoon Ompong

Click here to see the Sept 2018 PAMI Bulletin When this Bulletin was sent to the PAMI email list, the following information accompanied it:

Candumaay Matnog church anniversary & OCC discipleship graduation and May 26th baptism

Click on the link below to see the report of Ptr Michael and Michelle Hista and scroll below to see pictures.  They still could use one, two, or three sponsors to cover their $100 per month allowance, $25 per month motorcycle payment, and $25 per month children’s feeding budget.  They’ve been in Candumaay, Matnog since […]