Below is the timeline of key events and dates in PAMI History, starting in 1976 when Norval and Ardelle first served in the Philippines, up through the present time.

1976-81 – Norval and Ardelle Thorud served with a Bethany Fellowship mission school on the island of Mindoro

Dec. 1981 – PAMI incorporated as a Minnesota non-profit.

1982 – Norval & Ardelle fly to the Philippines and arrive in Bulan during a raging typhoon. First Bible studies are held in the homes of Benjamin Homo and his son Tabio Homo.

1982-87 – Norval and Ardelle Thorud served as U.S. missionaries in Bulan

1983 – First baptism, including Tabio Homo and two of his sons.

1984 – Letty Duque from Mindoro joined Norval and Ardelle.  Emmaus Bible Institute (EBI) founded in Bulan.

1984-86 – Roger and Leota Hines family served as U.S. missionaries in Irosin (and taught at EBI)

1987-89 – Bruce Danielson served as a U.S. missionary in Bulan and Sorsogon.  He married a Filipino named Jing Fortes.

1988 – EBI moved to a rented building in Sorsogon City proper.

1988 – First graduating class from EBI, including Virgilio Fulo, Ofel Dionada (later married Chito Mendizabal, who graduated from EBI in 1989), William Thompson, and Maryet Rosin

1989 – Mike Thorud’s first visit to the Philippines (2 months with his uncle Norval). Property for EBI bought in the Guinlajon barangay of Sorsogon City.  Construction and classes started at the site in 1990.

1989 – Field operation of PAMI turned over to Filipino nationals, with Ligaya Arciago and Letty Duque sharing leadership.

1990 – Ligaya married Noelito Hablo and they jointly shared leadership.  Letty married Virgilio Fulo.

1994 – Virgilio Fulo becomes PAMI field director.  Chito Mendizabal becomes director of EBI.

2001 – First PAMI Christian radio program conducted by Ptr. Randy Rivera in Irosin.

2003 – Construction of multi-purpose building at EBI

2004 – Lot purchased and building constructed for Bulan church

2004 – Mike Thorud became president of PAMI, and made a 3 week field visit with Nate Nash.  Chito Mendizabal assumes the position of PAMI Field Director.

2005 – Norval Thorud called home to be with the Lord.  Memorial gifts used to build Tatay’s Bakery on the EBI Campus. Ptr. Randy & Nida Rivera start working in Allen, Samar. Ptr Gumer Gile takes over Riveras ministry in Irosin.

2006 – New church building constructed at EBI.  Typhoon hits in November, requiring much repair at EBI.

2008 – Parsonage/guest house constructed at EBI

2009 – EBI selected as a site for Compassion International, ministering to 100 children and their families each week.  Respond Team of 5 from Minnesota made 3 week Philippine visit, conducting many kids club sessions.

2010 – PAMI selected as a partner with Faith Comes by Hearing, to do their pilot End-to-End program, involving “Jesus” film showings, audio Bible listening groups, and Bible distribution. Ptr Lorenzo Fugen began conducting film showings in various places, at least one each month (which continued for many years afterwards).

2011 – PAMI participated with the Will Graham crusade in a neighboring province, and received a big batch of Operation Christmas Child boxes.  New church building constructed in Castilla, paid for by Korean Christians.  New kids building constructed at EBI, especially for Compassion use.

2012 – Pastor Chito Mendizabal passed away due to lung cancer. EBI directorship assigned to his widow, Ofel Mendizabal. Overall mission field directorship assigned to Pastor Virgilio Fulo. PAMI reorganized into four partitions–Bulan & Its Daughter Churches (headed by Ptr Vir Fulo) , Emmaus (headed by Sis Ofel Mendizabal), Samar (headed by Ptr Randy Rivera), and Other Churches (headed by Ptr Gumer Gile).

2013 – Team of 3 from Minnesota visit for 3 weeks, conducting many Kids Times. Partnership with Vernacular Video Ministries started.

2014 — EBI daughter churches added in Penafrancia and Bulabog.  First all-PAMI youth camp held.  PAMI started conducting monthly Family Development Sessions through the government’s welfare programs.  PAMI hit hard by Typhoon Glenda in July.

2015 — EBI held a Grand Reunion in April.  Irosin Church moved from a rental property to the former compound of Jing Fortes Danielson’s parents.  Irosin Ptr Gumer also started ministry in Candumaay, Santa Isabel, Matnog.  Ministry began in Mabini, Casiguran sponsored by the Bryant Trust of Scotland; Frestos moved to the compound there to begin feedings and other outreach.  Barcelona ministry of Ptr Pio and Jovy Garduque expanded to Buhang.  PAMI began teaching Values Instruction Classes in public schools.  PAMI hit hard by Typhoon Melor in December.

2016 — Outreaches started on Juag Island in Matnog.  Constructed a church building in Buhang.

2018 — Constructed a new church building in Fabrica, a ministry cottage in Capuy, a church building in Mabini, and a new classroom building at EBI.  Ptr Lorenzo Fugen started a second church group in Bulusan, in the barangay of San Jose. Ardelle Thorud passed away at age 95, active on PAMI board until then.

2019 — A second all-PAMI youth camp held, with about 150 attending.  A crusade was held in Culasi, Matnog and a house church started there.  PAMI hit hard by Typhoon Tisoy in December.

2020 — COVID restrictions, but ministries adapted with smaller gatherings.  EBI extension classes started in six locations.

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