General Info

PAMI is a registered 501(c)3 charitable non-profit, which means that financial gifts to PAMI are typically tax deductable (consult with your tax advisor).

PAMI is unique among most Christian mission organizations in that all donations go directly overseas to support the ministry there.

All administrative expenses (newsletters printing, postage, web-site hosting, etc.) are paid for personally by PAMI board members or other close friends of the ministry. Even credit card processing fees for online donations are paid with gifts designated for this purpose.  All the work done on the U.S. side to support PAMI is strictly on a volunteer basis.  Even the president of PAMI does not receive any salary or other compensation.  PAMI does not have any buildings or offices in the United States – all work is done either out of homes, or at local partnering churches.  Any short-term mission visits to the Philippines are paid for by personal support raising.

Through an operational structure that needs only minimal administrative and overhead expenses, and because those few expenses are covered separately, we can make the promise that

100% of Your Gift goes Directly to the Mission Field

Some larger mission organizations may spend as much as 20% of giving on overhead and administrative costs.  But because of PAMI’s unique position, and dedicated and generous core of volunteers, all of the money that you give in support of PAMI will go directly to the Lord’s work in the Sorsogon province of the Philippines.