E2E film showings conducted this last year

Paghaluban and Bulan film showing 013Pastor Lorenzo is the PAMI E2E (End to End) coordinator and film showing projectionist. Besides conducting film showings, he also helps with teaching at Emmaus Bible Institute and outreaches of Emmaus Christian Fellowship. One of PAMI’s goals is to have Pastor Lorenzo conduct at least one film showing per month. It’s amazing how many people have been impacted by this. Click here to see a pdf spreadsheet that summarizes 16 film showings conducted from January 2013 through January 2014 (or click here to see it as a Word doc file).  Note that there have been over 1500 total attendees, and about 200 praying to accept Jesus and attending follow-up Bible listening/study groups. Some of these home Bible study groups are even developing into daughter churches.
Note that E2E got a big boost this last year with a March 26 meeting in Manila with Brother Darwin Banyani of Vernacular Video Ministries, who gave us new videos to augment the Jesus film that we’ve mainly been using. Pastor Lorenzo mentions using these new videos in his emails below. At that meeting, Brother Darwin inducted Pastor Lorenzo and Pastor Randy as partners of VVM.
Manila Mar26 B Manila Mar26 A
VVM videosE2E also got a big boost this last year by connecting a couple times with Brother Raymond Francisco and Pastor Rey Lazo of Faith Comes By Hearing/Philippine Bible Society. Not only did Brother Ray and Pastor Rey attend the same March 26 meeting in Manila with Brother Darwin, but Pastor Rey also came to EBI on May 24 to conduct an orientation session to 20+ people and brought 20 Tagalog Proclaimer audio Bibles. These Proclaimers have been used in some of the follow-up Bible studies to the film showings. Brother Ray and Pastor Rey also gave us 640 pocket sized Tagalog New Testaments free of charge, to distribute to consistent members of follow-up Bible studies.
Note that the June 2013 PAMI newsletter included two pictures of these meetings, but here are some additional pictures.
EBI May24 A EBI May24 B EBI May24 C EBI May 24 D
Here is a Bible listening group where the Proclaimer audio New Testaments from Faith Comes By Hearing are being used:
Bible listening group A Bible listening group B
In addition, here are a couple Jan 24, 2014 emails from Pastor Lorenzo, including a touching testimony. A number of pictures from film showings conducted from August through January can also be found below:
Hi bro. Mike,
Here are some pictures of film showing at Bulusan. After the Jesus film showing, a man at Sitio Lubas approached us after hearing the gospel presented by a pastor that I am with.  He was very thankful that we conducted film showing at their place and realizied the truth about his life.  He asked to receive and trust Christ as his savior. His name is Amado Ferreras. Praise God that he was given direction by God. He said his struggling and meaningless life in the past was now getting clear and meaningful because of God’s promise and assurance. As of now Ptr. Jun Fuasa and some church workers are doing the follow-up bible study at their house weekly. Glory to God that he continually touch different people through this kind of ministry (film showing).
Others also appreciated the film the “Pantaolian” about forgiveness. Sister Rea Fortes says it was related to those who have broken homes. And the “Ngayew” also was a great awakening in most of them who live on remote areas and believe in the healing practice of witchcraft. One time I attended a prayer warfare with Bulusan pastors.  At Bro. Ric Mendizabal’s forest we pray to cast-out those practicing witchcraft and it works very effective. Now there are none who practice healing. It seems their powers are now getting weaker, because the power of Christ is powerful above all. To God be the glory. God bless us all. We are praying for more film showing schedules.
Ptr. Lorenzo Fugen
Dear Bro. Mike,
May the God of hope fill you with all joy as you continually serve Him. By God’s grace we have successfully conducted film showings at different barrios of towns like Bulan, Barcelona and Bulusan. We are praying along with the pastors organization at Bulusan that we might saturate every barrios and remote areas in the town with evangelism through film showing. Bulusan pastors are united and decided they will follow-up (house to house bible study) after the evangelism.
Bible studies and outreaches are being blessed by God’s grace. Last Sunday January 5, we have the first Sunday service at Peñafrancia. I’m with Pastor Rolly and his family every Sunday afternoon following the Sunday service here at Emmaus in the morning and every Friday with Pastor Rafael. In Sirangan the participants and host for the bible study are interested to attend even without the feeding program. Other members attended the Christmas celebration here at Emmaus last December 15 even though they are far from the church.
Thank you so much for the entire gift that we received from you, glory to God. Thanks for the necktie, hat and toy. God bless you more.
We attended the Operation Christmas Child yesterday at JBCC Bibincahan Sorsogon. We are praying that this would add another growth for Bible studies here at Emmaus.
Meekness cell group meets every Wednesday.  And thank God that another group of Bible study was added at Nanay Lina’s house every Monday at 1 pm. 8 parents attending the bible study. I’m praying that all of them might come to church every Sunday.
Prayer requests:

  • · Film showing schedules
  • · Film showing equipments (maintenance)
  • · Church growth in Peñafrancia, Bolabog and ECF.
  • · Good health
  • · Spiritual strength for service to all PAMI workers

May God bless you and keep you safe.
Pastor Lorenzo F. Fugen
PAMI Worker
Note:  according to the minutes of the Jan. 27 PAMI worker’s meeting, the upcoming schedule of film showings is:
Barcelona IMG_1005 Barcelona IMG_1008 Barcelona IMG_1010 Barcelona IMG_1011 Barcelona IMG_1012 Bulusan 111_3911 Bulusan 111_3913 Bulusan 111_3927 Bulusan 111_3928 Castilla Film showing (1) Castilla Film showing (2) Castilla Film showing (6) Castilla Film showing (8) Juban 109_3573 Juban 109_3574 Juban 109_3576 Juban 109_3577 Paghaluban and Bulan film showing 003 Paghaluban and Bulan film showing 013 Paghaluban and Bulan film showing 017 Paghaluban and Bulan film showing 018 tinampo film showing 003 tinampo film showing 004