May 2011 PAMI Newsletter

If you haven’t already read it, you can see the latest edition of the PAMI newsletter by clicking here, or going to the”News” tab of the PAMI website  Newsletters from the past couple years can also be viewed there.

KAIROS Evangelism Training at EBI

EBI was host to KAIROS evangelism training, sponsored by the Asian Center for Missions (ACM) March 25-30.  Ptr. Chito writes:
About ACM; Before the team came to Emmaus, they are praying of mobilizing Bicol Mission. But when they look for churches in Bicol which would become their partners, they were bit dissapointed because churches were not yet ready as many of them are not missionary churches, that is, global evangelization is no yet part of their program. Then the team proceeded to Sorsogon to see James so that his mission to Mongolia be updated and decided. When they talked with us, they were very encouraged because PAMI indeed is a missionary church- Read More

EBI Graduation 2011

Emmaus Bible Institute graduation ceremony was held April 4th, 2011.  This was the 14th commencement exercises of EBI, and the theme was “God’s Mission in God’s Way” (see message outline below, which also related to the recent ACM KAIROS workshop held at EBI on March 25-30).  There were 6 graduates in this year’s class: Janice Fuga, Eduard Estrabela, Jerome Gotera, Dwight Lumberio, Edwin Thompson and Rolando Catubig. Janice is from Bulusan; she plans to work as PAMI volunteer, to assist in the small group and as assistant teacher in the Compassion, or assisting Ptr. Chito in administrative works like- encoding reports, library works and bookkeeping. Read More

Children’s Bible Classes at EBI & James approved for Mongolia

From an April 12th email from Pastor Chito:  In God’s love. We’re on the 2nd day of our kids Bible Classes (part of the Operation Christmas Child shoebox program).  It’s so joyful to worship with the kids this big; though many of them are newcomers/seekers, and yet they have such worshipful hearts. We have about 300 kids ages 8 to 14. We started the classes with plenary worship (devotion of Words, learning new songs), then proceed to their respective classes. We have 15 classes of twenty kids per class. Kevin (my second son), who has one class too said,”Teaching kids is both fun and challenging. This really would move you to pray and study hard.” (Kevin is the current youth chairman of Emmaus Christian Church; he and other officers with him are praying for many young peoples, especially discipling them).  James is supposed to handle the class, with Kevin, but this week is also his ACM interview. He’s in Manila and be back on Monday. As far as I know, his going to Mongolia is very near. He just texted me to pray for his interview. When he’s back, we’ll know of the exact date of his sending off.
From a later email:  GOOD NEWS is James arrived today from his mission interview and he passed. Few papers yet be arranged; ACM will do the visa and other travel papers. and his going to Mongolia is First week of June. PRAISE GOD!!!! And many other good news about their partnership with ACM in my next email.
By the way, with such a big influx of children, it is hoped to even add a separate worship service for children on Sunday mornings.
Pictures of the Children’s Plenary Worship Time

Ptr James prepares for Mongolia by going to Palawan

Ptr Arman James Formanes
Here’s a nice report from EBI graduate Ptr Arman James Formanes, who just completed 4 months of cross-cultural training classes at ACM near Manila, and then went on a two week in-country cross-cultural exposure trip to the southern part of Palawan island. Note that Bataraza Palawan is in a Muslim part of the southern Philippines, and Ptr James mentions experiencing elements of Muslim culture there. Evidently this exposure trip was working through a Christian church among the Badjao tribal people and they seemed well received. Read More