2021 Summary and January 2022 Bulletin

Here’s a summary of 2021 PAMI highlights that was included in donor year-end statements:

Dear Friends:

Thank you for your gifts and prayers for PAMI in 2021.  John 3:16 says "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son..."  God is a giver, and he wants us to be like him.  We give because God gave first.  Our giving is a way of saying thank you for all that we've been given by God.

Despite the continuing challenge of COVID, much was accomplished this last year.  172 people were baptized (about twice a typical year)!  The first graduation of the new Emmaus Bible Institute Modular extension program was conducted on December 20, with 21 students in 6 locations who completed 12 months of weekly classes.  EBI also continues its regular 4-year program, with 16 on-campus students.  Weekly on-line ukulele music lessons have been ongoing since April.  160 Compassion sponsored kids continue to be served with home-based visits by case workers/teachers.  Food distributions were conducted, along with some in-person feedings.  Several balikbayan boxes were sent with books, CDs, games, toys, school and office supplies, hygiene supplies, clothes, and laptops.  New chapels were constructed in San Jose Bulusan and Juag Island Matnog.  And we are soon ready to buy the property of the PenaFrancia Sorsogon and Candumaay Santa Isabel Matnog churches.  It’s through the partnership of dedicated Filipino workers and faithful supporters like you that all this is possible.

Here’s the latest PAMI publication that was also included with donor year-end statements:

2020 Summary & January Bulletin

For 2020 donors that received a year-end gift receipt, the following 2020 ministry summary and January Bulletin were included. They are included in this blog post for others to see as well.

Click on the following: January 2021 PAMI Bulletin

Dear Friends:

Thank you for demonstrating your love for the Lord through your gifts and prayers for PAMI in 2020.  I am reminded of Jesus' example of service by washing the disciples' feet at the Last Supper, followed by issuing the mandate of John 13:34, "As I have loved you, so you must love one another."

Despite the restrictions posed by COVID for most of last year, there was still much accomplished. When large groups were forbidden, messages were streamed on-line and via radio, and small groups in homes or yards still met.  34 people were baptized, and about another 20 are waiting to be baptized once beach venues open up.  4 EBI seniors completed their four year program in March, and 10 Freshmen began their studies in August.  Weekly modular EBI extension classes were started in September in 6 locations with 40+ attendees.  160 Compassion sponsored kids were served, shifting from weekly sessions at the EBI campus to home-based visits by case workers/teachers.  Children’s feedings were converted to relief food distributions.  Several balikbayan boxes were sent with books, CDs, games, toys, school and office supplies, hygiene supplies, clothes, laptops and projectors.  Some typhoon repairs and building refurbishment/improvement were done, including replacing an EBI bamboo classroom with a brick one, and reroofing the EBI church, Candumaay Matnog church, and Mabini pavilion.  A lot in Tabon-tabon Irosin was purchased through a combination of local and matching mission funds.  It’s through the partnership of dedicated Filipino workers and faithful supporters like you that all this was possible.

Thank you very much for your part in this work.  May God richly bless you.

PAMI January Bulletin and State of the Union

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Remembering Ardelle Thorud

This post is in honor of my aunt Ardelle Thorud, who passed away a month ago on October 18, 2018.  Ardelle would have turned 96 a week ago, on Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day.  Ardelle and her husband Norval were missionaries in San Jose, Mindoro, Philippines with Bethany Fellowship from 1976-1981 and Bulan, Sorsogon, Philippines with PAMI from 1982-1987.  Ardelle also served on the PAMI U.S. board of directors until 2017.
Scroll below to see a lot of pictures and stories about Ardelle.  Also see the following video that includes an interview with Ardelle: PAMI October 2012 Potluck Part 1:  Legacy of Grace
This is what Ardelle’s daughter, Nancy Haase, posted on Facebook last week:  “Mom (Ardelle Thorud) had the coolest birthdate: 11/11/22. She said she was 10 or 11 years old when she realized that all the Armistice parades were not in her honor after all! She always wanted to live to be 95 years old – no older – and last year she was so excited to have made that goal. We all chuckled when we arrived at her apartment and found this note on her door. The Lord granted her wish (no older than 95) and took her home three weeks shy of her 96th birthday. She had 95 good birthdays here on earth. Today she is celebrating her first of an eternity of birthday celebrations with her Lord and Savior! Happy Birthday in heaven, Mom. We all love you and miss you!” Read More

December PAMI Newsletter

Click here to see the latest newsletter, which includes a recap of 2015 ministry highlights and info about the Dec 14th typhoon that hit our area hard:  PAMI NEWS Dec2015

Effects of Dec 14th Typhoon Nona (Melor)

Even though I’m still waiting on some info, here is what I know so far.  On Dec 14, Typhoon Nona (Melor) passed right through the middle of Sorsogon Province, which is where PAMI is mainly located.  This was right after it glanced through the north edge of Northern Samar.   News articles said that 4 people were killed, 740,000 people evacuated, and electricity could be out until Christmas for some.
This typhoon hit the following PAMI towns: Bulusan, Irosin, and Bulan had the most damage, but Barcelona, Castilla, Matnog and areas around our Bible school near Sorsogon City were also affected.  Bulusan church collapsed and roofs of other PAMI churches partially came off or were damaged, a thatched cottage at EBI lost its roof, and homes of about 100 PAMI families were badly damaged (especially those living in homes made of light materials).  These included the homes of some PAMI pastors/workers.  They could use several thousand dollars of relief help.
Here is a report from Pastor Virgilio Fulo with pictures and a list of over 50 PAMI families with damaged homes just in the area around Bulan:  Fulo Report of Typhoon Victims
News about other towns and families is noted in the messages from Michelle Catubig and Ofel Mendizabal below.  Please keep praying for their continued recovery.

Radio Interview on KKMS AM980 on Oct 6

PAMI was featured on the radio for a half hour on Tuesday, Oct. 6th at 4:30 p.m.  PAMI volunteer president Mike Thorud was interviewed by Paul Ridgeway on his “On the Way with Ridgeway” program on AM980.
Here’s a mp3 audio recording of the half hour radio interview, edited down to 17 minutes:
By the way, the interview covers some of the following background material:

June 2015 PAMI News and Mid-summer Update

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April 2015 PAMI bulletin

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