E2E film showings conducted this last year

Paghaluban and Bulan film showing 013Pastor Lorenzo is the PAMI E2E (End to End) coordinator and film showing projectionist. Besides conducting film showings, he also helps with teaching at Emmaus Bible Institute and outreaches of Emmaus Christian Fellowship. One of PAMI’s goals is to have Pastor Lorenzo conduct at least one film showing per month. It’s amazing how many people have been impacted by this. Click here to see a pdf spreadsheet that summarizes 16 film showings conducted from January 2013 through January 2014 (or click here to see it as a Word doc file).  Note that there have been over 1500 total attendees, and about 200 praying to accept Jesus and attending follow-up Bible listening/study groups. Some of these home Bible study groups are even developing into daughter churches. Read More

Post-trip email sent out April 9th

Please look far enough down this letter to see a list of how God answerred prayers in many ways.
Dear PAMI friends and relatives,
Ben, Pam, and I are back from our 3 week visit to the Philippines and have so much to share about PAMI and our ministry and adventures there.  Although we got back on March 27, I’ve been holding off on sending  post-trip email until having several posts ready to view on The PAMI PostRead More

Update and Pictures from E2E

PAMI has been partnering with Faith Comes by Hearing in a pilot version of the E2E (End-to-End) program.  (See previous post for the background of PAMI-E2E.)   FCBH has provided PAMI with a video projection system, and PAMI been taking it to different villages in the region, showing the Jesus Film.  Between Oct 2010 and Oct 2011, the Jesus Film was shown at 12 different locations, with a total of over 1500 people attending.  480 people have indicated a decision to receive Christ resulting in 53 new Bible Study groups.  Below is a testimony from Pastor Lorenzo Fugen regargin the E2E program.
I am so grateful to the richest grace of God for this ministry of showing the love of God among many people through Gospel film showing. I’m personally blessed and very privileged to be a part of this project of the E2E, witnessing people to come to the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ.
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PAMI Newsletter and Video Documentary

The December 2011 PAMI Newsletter is now available:  Click here.
Also, in case you weren’t able to attend the PAMI Potluck, take a look at the following video documentary.  Video was filmed by Ptr. Randy Rivera and edited by Mike Thorud.  The video shows mission highlights of God’s working from the past year of PAMI ministries.

Will Graham, OCC shoeboxes, KAIROS, Ptr Chito’s health, PAMI support

Here’s a recent email prayer update that I sent out:

PAMI field director Pastor Chito Mendizabal has referred to recent Christian activity in our region of the Philippines as being historic.  This is largely due to much anticipation of the Will Graham Bicol Celebration of Hope crusade, which will be on April 28 – May 1 at Pili Stadium in the neighboring province of Camarines Sur.  Will Graham is the grandson of the famous evangelist Billy Graham, and son of Franklin Graham.  For several months, pastors and lay leaders have been preparing for this event.  In Sorsogon City alone, a hundred pastors gather regularly for fellowship and coordination of efforts.  People in neighboring provinces like Sorsogon will be provided free transportation to attend the crusade.  Pastor Chito was recently assigned as an ECHELON SUPERVISOR of counselors from the southern Bicol region.

Christmas Greetings from PAMI Philippines!

From Pastor Chito B. Mendizabal, Field Director – EBI-PAMI Philippines
“But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him.” 2 Cor. 2:14

Praise God for His abundant mercy and grace that we may become an aroma, spreading the fragrance of Christ to all people. Thanks be to God, just recently, we’ve been a conduit of His grace, extending hands to a pastor [William Thompson] and family in their great ordeals – from hospital needs to arranging things at home (wife died from Heart Attack after 3 days aggressive interventions in the ICU).  Some EBI students stayed with the family to help in the cooking, arranging of Bible study every night for 7 days, ushered guests; We too help in processing papers of insurance;  preached at their Sunday service and officiated the necrological service.  While we were at the hospital, we’re able to minister too to other patients (4 other rooms) mostly Christians (Divine appointment?) praying and helping.  And you had great part in those ministries of serving, because of your financial help and your constant intercessions for us.
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Will Graham Kickoff Rally and Other Ministry Updates

From Will Graham kickoff Rally

Dear Brother Mike & PAMI brothers & friends,
In God’s love and peace! This time we’re able to rest from EBI teaching and other class schedules because of semestral break. EBI will resume November 4th. But some students preferred to stay to help with small groups Bible studies. It’s good however, that most of the small group leaders are here especially those who work with compassion since it’s their Month Sportfest. But we give them permission (EBI people) to go home for a couple of days for the Barangay Election. This could be a family visit as well.
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E2E Jesus Film Showings

One of the partnerships that will be highlighted at the PAMI Potluck this coming Friday Sept 24th is the End to End (E2E) program with Faith Comes By Hearing.  On one end are Jesus film showings in the Bicolano or Tagalog languages, using the Acclaimer projection system received from FCBH on May 8.  This is followed by weekly Bible study groups that listen to and discuss a Bicolano or Tagalog audio New Testament, using one of the 25 Proclaimers received from FCBH on May 8.  Because of the good response, FCBH plans to now supply another 25 Proclaimers.  Some of the exciting developments are listed below. Read More

Making Use of Seminary Disks, Projector, & Audio Bibles

Before reading the following email from PAMI field director Pastor Chito Mendizabal, let me give you some background of a Russian connection.  A few years ago I hosted a couple Russian brothers (Igor and Vitaliy Petrov) at our house while they were attending an Evagelical Free Church missions conference in Minneapolis, MN.  They were in the U.S. to get training at Trinity, the E. Free Church seminary in Illinois.  They also work towards getting seminary classes translated into Russian on DVDs, which they distribute to pastors throughout Russia as a means of learning by distance.  You can learn more abou this ministry from the following websites: Read More

Healing Leads to More (report from Bulusan)

Praise God for His mighty deeds! As He heals Bro Boy Robles from paralysis (see previous article) more people are coming to God. Bro Boy and wife and family want to be baptized and some others. Sunday goers are increasing, so with attendance in prayer meeting. Other ministries like milk-feeding and outreaches continue. I used audio-Bible Bicolano in our Bible studies here. Listeners were surprised to hear Pastor Chito in the proclaimer (as Pastor Chito’s hometown is Bulusan). I wish we have Bicol Bible that people would read too while listening. Lorenzo stayed most of the time in Sorsogon because of the E2E schedules that mostly in Sorsogon and nearby town. I told him to finish his schedules first the west part of the province, then I’ll work with him when schedules are in the east part like that of Bulusan, Gubat, Barcelona or Irosin.
Thank you very much for being our partners. God bless you more!
In Christ,
Pastor Virgil Gacis
Bulusan PAMI