Sept 2019 PAMI News

Click on the following to see the latest PAMI News:  Sept 2019 PAMI Newsletter .  It mentions financial needs (for reroofing the ECF church at EBI and adding new workers), as well as includes exciting news and pictures of a crusade, new EBI students, Youth Development Team Building, and a lot of baptisms.

Matnog and Irosin 2nd Quarter Reports and Culasi 1st Worship Service

Click here to see:  PAMI IROSIN CHRISTIAN CHURCH 2nd Quarter Report 7-2-19
Click here to see:  Hista Candumaay Matnog 2nd Quarter 2019 Report
There’s been a lot of good ministry happening in and around Matnog and Irosin.  Ptr Gumer and Ofie Gile live in Irosin and have a church there (in the former Fortes compound provided by Jing Danielson), but Ptr Gumer is also a PAMI partition head that supervises other churches, including the one in Candumaay, Sta Isabella, Matnog.  Ptr Gumer was the one who had started ministry in Candumaay Matnog a few years ago, which was turned over to Ptr Michael and Michelle Hista two years ago.  Ptr Gumer is sort of like the Apostle Paul, that travels around evangelizing, getting places ready for church plants (e.g. Candumaay, Gubat, Culasi, Juag Island, San Agustin).  Ptr Michael has been a protege of Ptr Gumer.  Like Ptr Gumer, Ptr Michael is also reaching beyond his homebase in Candumaay to other places like Culasi and Caloocan.  After conducting a May 27-28 Evangelistic Crusade in Culasi, Ptr Gumer and Ptr Michael recently initiated the the first worship service in Culasi in the home of Sis Joyce Manabat, and plan to go back there each Saturday.  Sis Joyce and her mother were among the five baptized in Candumaay on April 28. Read More

200+ attend Crusade in Culasi Matnog May 27-29

From Culasi host Sarah Joyce Manabat: Thank u Lord for the very successful evangelistic crusade, even though many are not ready yet to listen to your gospel but we are very grateful that my PAMIly were here to share the “Good News”.

PAMI conducted a big crusade in Culasi Matnog on May 27-29, with 44 delegates from various PAMI locations helping out.  There were kids sessions in the morning and film showing, music, and speakers for adults and families in the evening.

This is the family of sis. Joyce Manabat  who offered a special song to Jesus

Whereas PAMI Ptr Michael and Sis Michelle Hista live and serve mainly around Candumaay/Sta Isabel which is along the coast north of downtown Matnog, a door has also opened up for them to conduct ministry in Culasi which is along the coast south of downtown Matnog.  Although they will stay in Sta Isabel, they plan to keep conducting Bible studies in Culasi and perhaps get a house church started there too.  The door in Culasi opened up earlier this year through a connection (perhaps a divine appointment) with Sister Sarah Joyce Manabat.  In January Sis Joyce Manabat and Sis Ofel Medizabal happened to cross paths in a Sorsogon Hospital because their son and daughter needed treatment for Dengue Fever. Sis Joyce also knew Ptr Gumer Gile (my kababayan at Matnog says Ptr Gumer).  Sis Joyce was very willing to open her home to Bible studies and invite her neighbors, so Ptr Gumer and Ptr Michael started doing so.  Sis Joyce and some others from Culasi have even traveled 13 km to worship in Candumaay/Sta Isabela.  Several from Culasi were among the 5 that were baptized during the April 28 Candumaay celebrations (i.e. baptism, church anniversary, OCC discipleship graduation).  Then PAMI began planning a big crusade in Culasi.  Several PAMI people did a pre-crusade visit there on May 1.  About a week after this is when Ptr Michael and Sis Michelle’s baby was born.  Then 44 people from various PAMI churches came to help be a part of a crusade there on May 27-29.  Read More

June PAMI Bulletin and all-PAMI Youth Camp

Click here to see the June 2019 PAMI Bulletin that highlights the all-PAMI Youth Camp that was held April 9-13, with about 150 youth attending from the various churches and outreaches of PAMI.  The theme was “Empowering the Youth for Community Transformation.”  There were 6 speakers on different topics, and many fun team activities.  The second page of the March 2019 PAMI Bulletin has the camp schedule, and the previous PAMI post has videos of the cheers of ten different teams (each having a different color name).  To see more pictures and read a report about it, look below: Read More

March PAMI Bulletin, Ptr Gumer's Irosin Church Report and 2019 Vision

Click here to see the March 2019 PAMI Bulletin that highlights some ministry of Ptr Gumer.
Click here to see the 1st Quarter Reports and 2019 Vision of Ptr Gumer Gile’s Irosin Christian Church and Ptr Jess Huab’s Patag Christian Church:  1st Qtr Reports and 2019 Vision of Irosin and Patag Churches
Note that Ptr Gumer Gile, Ptr Jess Huab, Ptr Michael Hista and other local pastors embrace the philosophy of the Church Multiplication Coalition, which is to plant a church in every community/village/barangay.  Ptr Gumer attended a CMC national conference near Manila last November, and also hosted a CMC session for local pastors in his ICC house church.  Here are a few photos from that: Read More

April 2018 PAMI Newsletter & more Ptr Gumer highlights

Ptr Gumer & Ofie Gile with adopted sons, Moses (7) and Jason (13), heading to Juag Island in the outrigger of Mang Jose Fruto.

Here’s the most recent PAMI publication, which includes highlights from the EBI partition and Bulan partition on page 1, and highlights of Ptr Gumer’s ministries on page 2:
April 2018 PAMI Newsletter
Note that Ptr Gumer could use sponsor(s) to cover his $200/month allowance (travel and family living expenses) and $25/month milk feedings, which are currently just covered from PAMI’s general budget.  He has sponsors for his housing and radio time, but not for the rest of his expenses.  In addition to what’s on page 2 of the newsletter, many more nice pictures from Ptr Gumer are located below.  These include photos of the April 7th Rock for Jesus Battle of the Bands held at Irosin Public Auditorium, an April 17th Mabini crusade with mini-concert, March 12-13 Camilig relief distributions and film showings, and other film showings.  Ptr Gumer has been very active with film showings using equipment and films provided by Vernacular Video Ministries.  Praise the Lord that many people attend these film showings, and respond by raising their hands to commit themselves to Jesus. Read More

July and Sept Bulletins and Fall Update

Click on the 3 pdf files below to see the latest PAMI news summaries, which contain a lot of nice pictures and exciting info:
PAMI Bulan Aug-Sept 2015 report from Ptr Vir Fulo
To augment these files, below is a copy of the Sept 23rd email update that went out to PAMI friends and prayer partners: Read More

PAMI Newsletter and Video Documentary

The December 2011 PAMI Newsletter is now available:  Click here.
Also, in case you weren’t able to attend the PAMI Potluck, take a look at the following video documentary.  Video was filmed by Ptr. Randy Rivera and edited by Mike Thorud.  The video shows mission highlights of God’s working from the past year of PAMI ministries.