June PAMI Bulletin and all-PAMI Youth Camp

Click here to see the June 2019 PAMI Bulletin that highlights the all-PAMI Youth Camp that was held April 9-13, with about 150 youth attending from the various churches and outreaches of PAMI.  The theme was “Empowering the Youth for Community Transformation.”  There were 6 speakers on different topics, and many fun team activities.  The second page of the March 2019 PAMI Bulletin has the camp schedule, and the previous PAMI post has videos of the cheers of ten different teams (each having a different color name).  To see more pictures and read a report about it, look below:
Getting ready ahead of camp by setting up bamboo frames for blue tarp shelters.

Here’s a team from EBI getting ready to go:

Regarding the camp, here are a few things that Ptr Redgie of Castilla church said:
Castilla tent was made up mostly with bamboo. Its skeleton was being prepared 5 days prior to the camp event because we are not able to provide a ready made tent. There are at least 22 people coming from Castilla and includes 4 adults who helped us cook our food during the camp. The first night was memorable because suddenly there were heavy rains that woke us at 2:00 am just to fix our bags and things and not to sleep on wet grounds. Lorenzo,Claudio, Arjun and I went out early in the morning to put signs of straw (color blue) that served as a sign for the campers to follow during hiking on Friday morning.
You know bro Mike that Friday was also memorable because along the way to our hiking destination while the four of us are preparing for the itinerary of the hiking experience,suddenly there was a man with a bolo machete who tried to harass us on our backs.We don’t know why he acted in such a way that caused us fear of course because we don’t know the reason why he did that. The man faced me with a bolo and asked me to fight him. What we did was to evade and to stay away from him. When we were about 4meters away from him the man picked a big stone and acting to throw it on us but thank God no one is hurt. Our God save us. After that we decided to change the itinerary to places just near our camp site.It was really a mixture of fear and praises to God for not allowing us to be hurt.
After youth camp I see our youths becoming on fire again for Evangelism. In fact they are now active and busy practicing a dance number for our outreach in Bagalayag. I’m also busy discipling them. One of them that is Bro Demetrio is willing to enroll at Emmaus Bible Institute this coming June. Hopefully he will not change his mind.
We are now praying also for our plan to conduct a crusade its either at Poblacion where our church is or at Barangay Bagalayag where we are starting a new ministry.
Thank God also for praying for us. Camp was really a success despite minor struggles. God was there most especially during altar call where young people lift their hands up to receive Jesus. This happened after my preaching the second night where I invited all our pastors to pray for every youth who decided to give their lives to Jesus. Some of them cried before the Lord crying for recommitment. That night I passionately stressed the importance of our Bible School and encourage them to enroll.
All glory belongs to our God who is able to keep us strong despite of obstacles,trials or sickness or even economic problems our country is facing right now. We believe that there will be a time for a harvest in due time. Thanks for praying for us. God bless you.
Here was an evaluation of the youth camp in the minutes of the May 31st PAMI worker meeting:
Because of raining for almost 2 nights most of the campers are being wet, so its suggested that perhaps on the next same event we need a different place to hold such activity.
Most of the workers suggested that its good to hold the Youth Camp on a yearly basis since young people become more active in the church after that event.
To fund such event, it’s been agreed upon that every worker will contribute Php 100.00 a month.
Ptr. Redgie suggests to get a percentage allocation from church income from monthly income.