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Bulan Christian Church 3rd Quarter Report
Montical Vario Church and Candumaay Additional Report
Matnog Report Third Quarter Oct2019
Matnog August report 2019
PAMI IrosinCC 3rd Quarter
Quarterly Report Activity in Buhang Christian Church
Patag Quarterly report August to October 2019
Gubat Third Quarter 2019 Report from Ptr Benjie Camar
Castilla Church Third Quarter 2019 Report from Ptr Redgie Bonifacio

In honor of the 14th anniversary of Living in Christ (LINC) Church –formerly known as Brampton Community Christian Church–of Brampton, Ontario, this is a five minute presentation of video and pictures from the PAMI ministries that they have supported the last two years. This includes support in 2018 that funded construction of a new building for Fabrica Church in Bulan, Sorsogon, Philippines. And it also includes support that began in 2019 to fund the ministry of Pastor Michael and Michelle Hista in Matnog, Sorsogon, Philippines. The Histas have a church in Candumaay, Sta Isabel, Matnog that celebrated its 2nd anniversary in April 2019. They also have a daughter church meeting in the home of Sister Joyce Manabut in Culasi, Matnog, that began after a May 2019 crusade in Culasi. Philippine-Asian Missions, Inc ( wishes to express a big thank you for this partnership.

2018 Vision and Summertime Activities of Irosin Church

Under the leadership of Pastor Gumer Gile, the Irosin Church has the following vision and goals.

Ptr Gumer meeting with Irosin Church leaders

Our vision is seven fold:

  1. Love God and worship Him in Spirit and in truth –Mathew 22:37,John 4:24
  2. Love people – Mathew 22:38
  3. To be like Christ – Romans 8:29
  4. To evangelize the world – Marcus 16:15-16
  5. To make disciple for Christ – Mathew 28:19-20
  6. To baptize believers for Christ this coming May 13 2018
  7. Church lot with an area of 300 meters at San Agustin.

Our mission is to:

  1. Proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ in the target place
  2. Train believers to follow Christ instruction that was stated in Mathew 28:19-20
  3. Encourage every members of PAMI ICC to undergo discipleship and evangelism training.
  4. Make more workers for mission fields.
  5. Make a battle of the bands this coming April 7,2018
  6. Make a DVBS this coming April 30 to May 5, 2018
  7. Conduct water Baptism this coming May 13, 2018
  8. Encourage ever members to pledge for church lot.

Note that The Battle of the Bands was already covered in a previous posting, but here are some pictures of other activities. Read More

April 2018 PAMI Newsletter & more Ptr Gumer highlights

Ptr Gumer & Ofie Gile with adopted sons, Moses (7) and Jason (13), heading to Juag Island in the outrigger of Mang Jose Fruto.

Here’s the most recent PAMI publication, which includes highlights from the EBI partition and Bulan partition on page 1, and highlights of Ptr Gumer’s ministries on page 2:
April 2018 PAMI Newsletter
Note that Ptr Gumer could use sponsor(s) to cover his $200/month allowance (travel and family living expenses) and $25/month milk feedings, which are currently just covered from PAMI’s general budget.  He has sponsors for his housing and radio time, but not for the rest of his expenses.  In addition to what’s on page 2 of the newsletter, many more nice pictures from Ptr Gumer are located below.  These include photos of the April 7th Rock for Jesus Battle of the Bands held at Irosin Public Auditorium, an April 17th Mabini crusade with mini-concert, March 12-13 Camilig relief distributions and film showings, and other film showings.  Ptr Gumer has been very active with film showings using equipment and films provided by Vernacular Video Ministries.  Praise the Lord that many people attend these film showings, and respond by raising their hands to commit themselves to Jesus. Read More

Irosin Church Updates and Church Multiplication Coalition

Ptr Gumer wrote in January about a CMC seminar recently held at the PAMI Irosin church:
This is our picture during the CMC seminar that was held at PAMI ICC where the subject is for discipleship and evangelism training. 8 people from the Irosin church attended and Ptr Jess from Patag and Ptr Felmar from Bulan came also.  CMC stands for Church Multiplication Coalition, which focuses on the Great Commission of the Lord in Matthew 28:19-20 and aims to help plant a church in every village that have none. Read More

Radio Interview on KKMS AM980 on Oct 6

PAMI was featured on the radio for a half hour on Tuesday, Oct. 6th at 4:30 p.m.  PAMI volunteer president Mike Thorud was interviewed by Paul Ridgeway on his “On the Way with Ridgeway” program on AM980.
Here’s a mp3 audio recording of the half hour radio interview, edited down to 17 minutes:
By the way, the interview covers some of the following background material:

Visiting Samar Island on March 20-23

After the EBI and PAMI worker family picnic, we left San Benon Hotsprings ~4 pm and boarded a ferry in Matnog ~5 pm, which departed right away ~5:30 pm.  The ferry takes about 1.5 hours to go from Matnog to Allen, Samar.  Since Pastor Randy knows the ferry crew, we had special permission to ride on the top deck with all the liferafts.  What an idyllic moment it was to relax up there with the setting sun, sea breaze, gentle swaying of the boat, and panoramic views of palm forested volcanic ranges looming and then receding in the distance.  We felt like veteran travelors headed out to one last far-flung road trip.   We were headed out to our farthest point away from home.  A long-term goal of PAMI has been to spread to unreached regions further south.  That’s why PAMI’s most recently added workers and interns have been sent to Samar–to support pioneering efforts in Catarmin and San Isistro.  We were going to visit the frontiers/front lines of the mission.
While in Samar, we stayed three nights in the rented church/house of Pastor Randy and Nida Rivera in downtown Allen and made side-trips from there.
On Thursday March 21, we spent the morning going east to Lavezares and Bankawan Island (see the April 4th post titled Ministering to Kids on Bankawan Island (a video sample of a Kids Time).  In the afternoon we went further east with Pastora Lordilyn and EBI intern Sister Jennalyn (Monang) to Catarmin, which is the newest pioneering site of PAMI, started last October.  Catarmin is the capital of the province of Northern Samar.  It’s a fairly big and strategic city, with a mixture of higher class and poverty areas.  Interestingly, when we took a tricycle across town, at one place traffic crossed right through an airport runway (which only gets gated off when a plane lands or takes off).  While in Catarmin we went to a cafe for lunch (with cake for a special treat), visited the humble home of an outreach, visited Ptra Lordy and Sis Jennalyn’s current boarding house and the place where they’re soon planning to transfer, and did a Kids Time in the street.  Although thunder indicated impending rain, we were thankful it held out until we were done.
On Friday March 22, we spent the morning going south to San Isidro to see where Pastor Edward is ministering with two EBI interns, Sister Ella and Sister Catherine.  We did a Kids Time in the home where they normally meet for church services.  We also visited their boarding house next to the sea, and the home of an outreach near a college.  On the way back, we stopped at Villa Veronica Beach Resort (a.k.a. Spice of Life Beach) in Buenos Aires, Victoria, where we enjoyed a little snorkeling and a picnic lunch in a thatched roof cottage.  From 3-4 pm we sat in on Pastor Randy’s Heatline daily radio program in Allen.  We shared some advice to people who had written in about personal dilemas, and Ben and Pam sang a song.  That evening we went to an open-air plaza/basketball court in Buenos Aires, where Ben & Pam sang with some children and the “Jesus” film was shown.  Once again we were thankful that the rain held out, even though there was distant lightning and clouds approaching.
On Saturday morning March 23 we took the ferry with Pastor Randy back to his hometown of Matnog.
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Allen, Samar School Outreaches

Here are some pictures taken by Pastor Randy Rivera in Allen Samar.  They include having devotions in various public schools.  This is a result of a school principal being a listener of Pastor Randy’s radio programs.  They also include Pastor Randy and men from a local barber shop giving free haircuts to kids at a public school.  This is because the barber shop owner is also a listener of Pastor Randy’s radio programs.

Pastor Randy's Involvements with Community Programs in Samar

After attending a child protection seminar in Cebu City last spring, Pastor Randy repeated the seminar in various towns in Samar.  This has included meeting with government officials like mayors, policemen, military men, and business leaders, and being a part of NGO (non-governmental organization) non-profit grant activities.   He has also been involved with tree planting efforts to green up the community.  
His latest endeavor is to couple Bible studies with free computer literacy classes, which he announced on his radio program, and had 30 enroll.  This is what he has to say about it: Read More

May 2011 PAMI Newsletter

If you haven’t already read it, you can see the latest edition of the PAMI newsletter by clicking here, or going to the”News” tab of the PAMI website  Newsletters from the past couple years can also be viewed there.

Christmas Greetings from PAMI Philippines!

From Pastor Chito B. Mendizabal, Field Director – EBI-PAMI Philippines
“But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him.” 2 Cor. 2:14

Praise God for His abundant mercy and grace that we may become an aroma, spreading the fragrance of Christ to all people. Thanks be to God, just recently, we’ve been a conduit of His grace, extending hands to a pastor [William Thompson] and family in their great ordeals – from hospital needs to arranging things at home (wife died from Heart Attack after 3 days aggressive interventions in the ICU).  Some EBI students stayed with the family to help in the cooking, arranging of Bible study every night for 7 days, ushered guests; We too help in processing papers of insurance;  preached at their Sunday service and officiated the necrological service.  While we were at the hospital, we’re able to minister too to other patients (4 other rooms) mostly Christians (Divine appointment?) praying and helping.  And you had great part in those ministries of serving, because of your financial help and your constant intercessions for us.
Read More