Irosin Church Updates and Church Multiplication Coalition

Ptr Gumer wrote in January about a CMC seminar recently held at the PAMI Irosin church:
This is our picture during the CMC seminar that was held at PAMI ICC where the subject is for discipleship and evangelism training. 8 people from the Irosin church attended and Ptr Jess from Patag and Ptr Felmar from Bulan came also.  CMC stands for Church Multiplication Coalition, which focuses on the Great Commission of the Lord in Matthew 28:19-20 and aims to help plant a church in every village that have none.
Desiring to accomplish this great commission, CMC feels training for evangelism and discipleship is necessary. This is a CMC vision statement: ‘We are a Coalition of kingdom-minded ministers working together to plant reproducing churches in villages that do not have a church, under the direction and power of the Holy Spirit.’
Here are a few more pictures from this seminar in Irosin:

Prior to this, Ptr Gumer had attended a CMC seminar in Legazpi on Sept. 9th:

Ptr Gumer also attended the CMC National Conference on Oct. 31-Nov. 2 in Tagaytay City (near Manila, south of Manila), with the theme of “Jesus in Every Town and Village”.  Here are pictures from that:

Note that Ptr Gumer mentions about CMC in his 3rd quarter report.  It also includes other interesting ministry highlights of Ptr Gumer and the PAMI Irosin Christian Church (e.g. ICC church anniversary, tract making, music workshop, and various Bible study outreaches):
Here was another follow-up report from Ptr Gumer:
Follow-up to Tagaytay conference and Ophie skin asthma
Here are pictures from the PAMI Irosin Christian Church and other outreaches of Ptr Gumer (e.g. Gubat).  Note that some of these outreaches include discipleship of adults, discipleship of youth, and ministry to children.  It’s great to see that some of the youth help disciple other youth/children.

Film showing at the dike in Somal-ot Bacolod Irosin

Film showing at the dike in Somal-ot Bacolod Irosin