Misc. reports from the year

While other posts covered reports from Bulabog (Ptr Marlon Gabion), Prieto Diaz (Ptr Benjie and Elah Camar), and San Jose Bulusan (Ptr Lorenzo and Abigail Fugen), this post includes miscellaneous other reports. Click on links below to see reports from various PAMI ministry locations from throughout the year (some are Word files and some are pdf files).

Bulan Partition of Churches (Bulan Church and its daughter churches, overseen by Pastor Virgilio Fulo):

Vision-Goals of Bulan Partition Churches for 2022–Spiritual Aspect

Continuation of Vision and Goals of Bulan Partition of Churches 2022–Physical Aspect

Bulan Church 1st Quarter Report from Ptr Virgilio Fulo

Fabrica Church 3rd Quarter Report from Ptr Felmar Guray

Monte Calvario Church Oct 2022 Report from Ptr Noni Polo

Emmaus Bible Institute Partition (overseen by Sister Ofel Mendizabal):

Compassion (i.e. Padaba–well loved children that are sponsored) Report received April 2022 from administrator Brother Elmer Besa, including info back to May 2021

EBI Update received 3-29-2022 from Sister Ofel

EBI Update received 6-22-2022 from Sister Ofel

Pena Francia 1-26-2022 report from Ptr Rolly Catubig

Pena Francia 4-3-2022 report from Ptr Rolly Catubig

Pena Francia 6-14-2022 report from Ptr Rolly Catubig

Pena Francia 3rd Quarter report from Ptr Rolly Catubig

Other Churches Partition (overseen by Pastor Gumer Gile):

Castilla 1st Quarter 2022 Report by Ptr Redgie Bonifacio

Castilla Report from Ptr Redgie Nov 9 2022

Bulusan Church Report from Ptr Lorenzo Oct 14 2022

Barcelona Church Report from Garduques April – June 2022

Barcelona Church Report from Garduques July – Sept 2022

Matnog Report from Histas received 12-13-2021

Matnog Report from Histas received 3-23-2022

Matnog Report from Histas received 4-22-2022

Matnog Report from Histas received 6-29-2022

Matnog Report from Histas received 9-26-2022

Matnog Report from Histas received 11-23-2022

Irosin Report from Ptr Gumer Jan-Mar 2022

Irosin Report from Ptr Gumer April to May 21, 2022

Irosin Report from Ptr Gumer May 21 to June 21, 2022

Irosin Report from Ptr Gumer June 21 to July 2022

Irosin Report from Ptr Gumer July to Aug 24, 2022

Irosin Report from Ptr Gumer Aug to Sept 21, 2022

Irosin Report from Ptr Gumer Sept 21 to Oct 21, 2022

Irosin Report from Ptr Gumer Oct 22 to Nov 24, 2022

Pastor Marlon and Bulabog Church

 This post has info about the ministry of Pastor Marlon Gabion of PAMI’s Bulabog Church near Emmaus Bible Institute.  You can see that he is quite active, is good at reporting and providing pictures, and would be an interesting pastor for someone to sponsor.  Pastor Marlon is 36 years old, graduated from EBI in 2013, pastored the Bulabog Church since his cousin (Pastor Nanding Gabion) passed away about 9 years ago, teaches EBI classes (both regular and modular extension classes), serves as a Compassion Padaba teacher, and coaches the Emmaus Christian Fellowship community basketball team.  Besides heading the Bulabog Church, he also teams together with Pastor Benjie and Elah Camar, and various EBI workers and Compassion staff. The following pdf file has highlights of Pastor Marlon’s ministries from January to July of 2022. Along with a lot of other things, it includes more pictures from the PAMI youth Cluster Camp that was highlighted in the previous post.

More recent info from Pastor Marlon includes the following:

Dec. 12, 2022: Hello Brother Mike! How are you? How’s your preparation for this upcoming Christmas? Yesterday Bulabog church celebrated its 9 year anniversary since I started in 2013 there. I’m very thankful to God for always guiding me in that ministry, specially how to handle situations when they arise inside the church. I’m grateful in every season in our ministry–every year passing by is a different experience. I’m always excited for every additional year added by God because I’m praying and hoping that every season there are new souls added in the church.This year we only have a simple preparation and celebration due to bad weather of a typhoon. I’m only asking to the members to just bring food. We combine also a simple Christmas party celebration.Thank you very much for our budget that you are giving for our Christmas party.

Scroll through the following pictures from the Dec 11th celebration:

Video of Bulabog youth dancing to All I Want for Christmas is You (which can be expressed to Jesus)

This is modular in Bulan last November. The subject that I taught was the book of Acts

I’m very thankful to God for safe travel last month every time we go there to teach in modular with pastor Raf, because last month always a heavy rain.

Here in Emmaus with sister nova and sister cristy (modular class)

Also here in Emmaus next week is an end of first semester classes. I’m thankful to God to finish the first semester in my teaching class, but I’m staying here because December 25 maybe we have a child dedication. I cancelled my plan to spend a Christmas holiday with my family because I have some activities this coming December 25–maybe we have a child dedication in our church.

On behalf of Bulabog family, thank you very much brother Mike and Pami board and supporters for always giving support of our ministry–in prayers, financial and guidance. May the Lord bless you in return for all the effort you’ve done. Once again thank you very much, and Merry Christmas in advance to your family. God bless.

Dec 2019 PAMI newsletter

Click on the following to see the latest PAMI newsletter: Dec 2019 PAMI newsletter .  It includes a remembrance of my aunt Izzy Allen, who was the sister of my uncle Norval Thorud (the founder and first missionary of PAMI).  It also includes info about Typhoon Tisoy that went through our area on Dec 2-3.

Sept 2019 PAMI News

Click on the following to see the latest PAMI News:  Sept 2019 PAMI Newsletter .  It mentions financial needs (for reroofing the ECF church at EBI and adding new workers), as well as includes exciting news and pictures of a crusade, new EBI students, Youth Development Team Building, and a lot of baptisms.

Sponsors Desired for Potential New Workers

The three who graduated from EBI on April 2nd.

PAMI is considering adding four new workers and seeking supporters to help sponsor them.  These include two of the three young men that graduated from EBI on April 2–Roland Ladub from Bulabog Church and Christian Villafuerte from Emmaus Christian Fellowship Church. They have been helping with various outreaches as volunteers since they’ve graduated.  They will now start heading up the Buhang church, under the supervision/mentorship of nearby Ptr Pio Garduque of Barcelona Church and Ptr Gumer Gile of Irosin Church.  For the last couple years the Buhang church has been in need of a permanent pastor and has been just mainly handled by interns.  These EBI graduates had previously interned there during their Junior and Senior years, so they are familiar with that place.  They are hoping to boost the ministry there by conducting Values Instruction Classes in the local public school using curriculum from Matthew 18:14, doing children’s feedings, and leading Bible studies and other outreaches.  They could each use sponsors willing to support them at $50-$75 per month.  (By the way, the third graduate, Nisen Calamdag, from Calbayog City, Samar chose to not stay with PAMI, but instead serve in his hometown church helping Ptra. Robelyn Ongcal who is a previous EBI graduate now part of a different mission.)
The other two workers that PAMI is considering adding include Ptr Benjie and Sis Rafaela Camar, who both graduated from EBI a few years ago.  Ever since she graduated from EBI, Sis Rafaela has been a teacher to Compassion kids that come to EBI campus for several hours every Saturday.  She also used to be PAMI worker helping Ptr Marlon of Bulabog church near EBI.  But after getting married to Ptr Benjie a couple years ago, they served under the ministry of Ptr Benjie’s home church doing church planting in Prieto Diaz.  After completing a period of loyalty service to his home church, they now want to switch to PAMI.  The plan is to have them continue outreaches in Gubat started by Ptr Gumer, establishing and growing a new church there.  They can use about $125 per month sponsorship.

The wedding of Ptr Benjie to Sis Ela at EBI a couple years ago.

For more background on these four candidates, see below: Read More

Candumaay Matnog church anniversary & OCC discipleship graduation and May 26th baptism

Click on the link below to see the report of Ptr Michael and Michelle Hista and scroll below to see pictures.  They still could use one, two, or three sponsors to cover their $100 per month allowance, $25 per month motorcycle payment, and $25 per month children’s feeding budget.  They’ve been in Candumaay, Matnog since getting married April 26, 2017 and are doing wonderful work there.

Read More

April 2018 PAMI Newsletter & more Ptr Gumer highlights

Ptr Gumer & Ofie Gile with adopted sons, Moses (7) and Jason (13), heading to Juag Island in the outrigger of Mang Jose Fruto.

Here’s the most recent PAMI publication, which includes highlights from the EBI partition and Bulan partition on page 1, and highlights of Ptr Gumer’s ministries on page 2:
April 2018 PAMI Newsletter
Note that Ptr Gumer could use sponsor(s) to cover his $200/month allowance (travel and family living expenses) and $25/month milk feedings, which are currently just covered from PAMI’s general budget.  He has sponsors for his housing and radio time, but not for the rest of his expenses.  In addition to what’s on page 2 of the newsletter, many more nice pictures from Ptr Gumer are located below.  These include photos of the April 7th Rock for Jesus Battle of the Bands held at Irosin Public Auditorium, an April 17th Mabini crusade with mini-concert, March 12-13 Camilig relief distributions and film showings, and other film showings.  Ptr Gumer has been very active with film showings using equipment and films provided by Vernacular Video Ministries.  Praise the Lord that many people attend these film showings, and respond by raising their hands to commit themselves to Jesus. Read More

Candumaay Christmas Love; Hista's Still Need Sponsors

The ministry in the Candumaay barangay of Matnog was boosted by an abundance of Christmas love, both at Christmas-time and extending to Easter.  Last December included Apple Giving to Values Instruction Classes taught by Histas at a local public school and a wonderful church Christmas party sponsored by Filipino patrons.  Then during Easter week, Samaritan’s Purse provided Operation Christmas Child gift boxes and Biblical booklets.  Ptr Michael and Michelle Hista do a great job there, and still need sponsors.  They still need one or two sponsors to cover their $90 per month allowance and $25 per month motorcycle payment.  They’ve been in Candumaay almost a year, since getting married April 26, 2017.  The breadth of their ministry is quite impressive for being there just one year.  For more info on their ministry in Candumaay, please see the August 2017 PAMI Bulletin.  A lot of great photos of their various ministries, as well as a nice report from last October can be found below.
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