Sponsors Desired for Potential New Workers

The three who graduated from EBI on April 2nd.

PAMI is considering adding four new workers and seeking supporters to help sponsor them.  These include two of the three young men that graduated from EBI on April 2–Roland Ladub from Bulabog Church and Christian Villafuerte from Emmaus Christian Fellowship Church. They have been helping with various outreaches as volunteers since they’ve graduated.  They will now start heading up the Buhang church, under the supervision/mentorship of nearby Ptr Pio Garduque of Barcelona Church and Ptr Gumer Gile of Irosin Church.  For the last couple years the Buhang church has been in need of a permanent pastor and has been just mainly handled by interns.  These EBI graduates had previously interned there during their Junior and Senior years, so they are familiar with that place.  They are hoping to boost the ministry there by conducting Values Instruction Classes in the local public school using curriculum from Matthew 18:14, doing children’s feedings, and leading Bible studies and other outreaches.  They could each use sponsors willing to support them at $50-$75 per month.  (By the way, the third graduate, Nisen Calamdag, from Calbayog City, Samar chose to not stay with PAMI, but instead serve in his hometown church helping Ptra. Robelyn Ongcal who is a previous EBI graduate now part of a different mission.)
The other two workers that PAMI is considering adding include Ptr Benjie and Sis Rafaela Camar, who both graduated from EBI a few years ago.  Ever since she graduated from EBI, Sis Rafaela has been a teacher to Compassion kids that come to EBI campus for several hours every Saturday.  She also used to be PAMI worker helping Ptr Marlon of Bulabog church near EBI.  But after getting married to Ptr Benjie a couple years ago, they served under the ministry of Ptr Benjie’s home church doing church planting in Prieto Diaz.  After completing a period of loyalty service to his home church, they now want to switch to PAMI.  The plan is to have them continue outreaches in Gubat started by Ptr Gumer, establishing and growing a new church there.  They can use about $125 per month sponsorship.

The wedding of Ptr Benjie to Sis Ela at EBI a couple years ago.

For more background on these four candidates, see below:
Some bio info of various EBI students was included in a post in Nov. 2017, while Bro Roland and Bro Christian were 2nd semester Juniors just starting their year of internship:  EBI-Report-Letter-Nov-2017.pdf
The following excerpt comes from that report:

3rd year EBI students are in their internship
Roland Ladub – from Bucal-bucalan, Sorsogon City, and product of bible studies in Bucal-bucalan, member of Bulabog Church. May 9, 1993 (24 years old) now assign in Buhang, he likes playing guitar and singing. Has a heart in teaching children.
Nisen Calamdag – from Purok G, Barangay Pena Tinambasan District, Calbayog City, Western Samar, January 26, 1996 (21 years old) can teach in children ministry and sometimes asked to speak in church service. He is assign back in Samar
Christian Villafuerte – from Purok 4 Barangay Basud Sorsogon City, an ECF youth. May 7, 1997 (20 yrs. Old) a funny guy and always gives his testimonies during church services. He is a hard working young man. He is assign in Bulabog PAMI Church.

Here is the current schedule of Brother Roland and Brother Christian in Buhang and some pictures of their activities there:

Here is a mission/vision statement of Ptr Benjie and Sis Ela:
Benjie and Ela June2019 Ministry Vision & Mission
Below are some pictures of the Gubat outreaches of Ptr Gumer, which will be turned over to Ptr Benjie and Sis Ela.  Ptr Gumer has been going to Gubat to do evangelism and Bible studies there about once each week for the last couple years.  There are at least five families that are ready to start a church there.  Several have already been baptized.

Also see the previous post for more pictures of Ptr Gumer starting the ministry in Gubat:


Ptr. Benjie and Sis. Elah’s Schedule
Ptr. Benjie
Monday – Values Instruction Class in Talisayan
Tuesday – Gubat Values Instruction Class
Wednesday – Capuy Elementary School Values Instruction Class
Thursday – Basud Values Instruction Class
Sunday – Bulabog Church
Sis. Elah
Monday and Tuesday – Talisayan Elementary School Values Instruction Class
Wednesday – Capuy Elementary School Values Instruction Class
Thursday – Basud Elementary School Values Instruction Class
Saturday – Teaching Weekly Learning Activities to Compassion sponsored Padaba children on EBI campus
Sunday – Bulabog Church