Sept Newsletter and Oct Bulletin and Modular Extension Classes

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Note that the Oct 2020 PAMI Bulletin features the new EBI modular extension class program. Teachers were working on curriculum during quarantine, and now it’s finally running and well attended. The next month’s schedule is as follows:

Number of students from particular places with modular studies.

  • Irosin-7
  • Candumaay-6
  • Castilla-6-7
  • EBI-4
  • Bulan-9
  • Calaguto-9

Note that the last modular session for this October will be postponed due to bad weather related to another typhoon in PAR instead will be held to next month.

Since the existing modular classes is on six areas, six teachers and six subjects simultaneously, then the second semester will also be held on six areas likewise. The former schedule was again arranged.

For second semester schedule:

Ptr. Marlon –Bible Study Method

Ptr. Raff-Cults

Sis. Espie-Pauline Epistles


Ptr.Michael-New Testament Survey

Ptr.Elmer-Old Testament Survey

A Church Workers and Leadership Training Course was piloted in five places on Oct 9, 2020 with 6 – 8 participants at each site. With such a successful kick-off, a sixth site will be added in Calagoto Barcelona, where 10 more candidates are interested in participating. These EBI modular extension classes are to be held 1-5 pm every Friday for a year, with teachers rotating every month. Students are to complete 10 subjects to graduate with a certificate by next October. These condensed versions of EBI curriculum are a great abbreviated option for lay leaders of the church. While there are still 11 on-campus fulltime students pursuing a 4-year option that is more thorough (e.g. to become pastors), EBI is re-inventing itself and vastly expanding its reach by adding these 45 part-time extension students to its roles. After recognizing the quality and value of the good training to which they are being exposed, maybe some of these part-time students will become full-time later, or be more inclined to send their kids to the full-time program.

See the October 2020 Bulletin and October 30 blog post for more on the modular extention classes.

Castilla Church Report and Start of EBI Classes

click on: Oct 6th update from Ptr Redgie of Castilla church

The school year was supposed to start in early June; EBI finally started in-person again on Aug 24 after more than a two month delay

August 24 2020 – EBI Opening – Coming of Students
    1st year 
    1. Christian Bio – Matnog – now in campus
    2. Jamil Fernandez Benale – Irosin – now in campus
    3. Jelvin Quintana – Donsol – now in campus
    4. Mike Arisga – Matnog 
    5. Marites Hila Capistrano – Bibincahan Sor City – now in campus
    6. Jeanifer Jamisola – Guinlajon

Plus Ysabella & Shane from Matnog

    2nd year
    1. Samuel Acaso

    3rd year
    Jonas Homo

4th year
    Elsa Labayo

click on: Aug 4th EBI report by Sis Ofel Mendizabal

Ptr. Redgie Bonifacio assisting with the distribution of COVID reflif kits.

Like with most of the world, COVID-19 has greatly affected PAMI’s ministries. The Philippine government imposed strict quarantine starting mid-March that included closing schools and banning group gatherings like church services. After several months these restrictions loosened up a bit, but the threat still looms. COVID cases and deaths have not been as bad as in the USA, but since it’s increasing there’s a concern that stricter lockdown might be reinstated.

Despite the hindrances, God cannot be thwarted and I’m happy to report that good things were and are still being accomplished. When large groups were banned, smaller groups still met in homes and yards and some PAMI pastors started posting messages on-line via Facebook. When kids feedings were cancelled, then milk funds were instead used to provide distributions of rice. Without as many activities, extra time was spent preparing future curriculum and completing some facility repairs/improvements.

Read more about PAMI’s response to the pandemic in the September 2020 Newletter and Sis. Ofel’s April 14 field report.

Matnog Reports from Ptr Michael & Michelle Hista

Discipleship with the Philippine National Police
New sidecar for motorcycle thanks to LinC church

April 22nd Report

May 26th Report

June 23rd Report with pictures

September 20th Report

October 23rd Report

Thank you for sincere and earnest prayers and supports for all PAMI families. A blessed and happy New Year to you! Sister Ofel Mendizabal, Director Emmaus Bible Institute

Thank You from Sis Ofel

Remembering long-time board member Izzy Allen

Fondly remembering my Aunt Izzy Allen, who passed away last Saturday at 95 years old (almost 96). Besides being a close aunt, she was part of the board of Philippine-Asian Missions, Inc. (PAMI) since its first year back in 1983, was the secretary for many years, and attended board meetings up until just a couple years ago. Some of these pictures are from the PAMI board Christmas parties at her house or our house. Aunt Izzy and Aunt Ardelle were usually the instigators of fun games at these Christmas parties. Coincidentally, Aunt Izzy passed away at the same age and about the same time of year as Aunt Ardelle, who was a year older and passed away last year. They were always close friends, since being little girls, and are now together again, along with their husbands and other loved ones, and with their Lord Jesus. Read More

There’s been a lot of good ministry happening in and around Matnog and Irosin. Ptr Gumer Gile is sort of like the Apostle Paul, that travels around evangelizing, getting places ready for church plants…

Please pray for Rebecca Huab in hospital & others with health issues

PAMI pastors praying over Sister Rebecca

Please pray for Sis Rebecca Huab, the wife of PAMI Pastor Jess Huab of Patag Church, near Irosin.  Her condition is currently very critical.  She is having difficultly breathing, in a lot of pain, is very weak, and not eating much.  Her blood pressure was very low, so they gave a blood transfusion.  She needs dialysis, but has been too weak to have it.  She also has bad sores on her foot and leg.  All of this is probably a complication of her diabetes.  As of July 5th, as a last ditch effort to save her life, Sis Rebecca is being transferred from a Sorsogon hospital to a Legazpi hospital which has a kidney doctor and the ability to do dialysis.  So far PAMI has given them $100 for out-of-pocket expenses in Sorsogon and $200 for out-of-pocket expenses in Legazpi to help cover what their PhilHealth doesn’t cover.  Perhaps some PAMI supporters might like to help chip in towards these extra expenses.  I’m sad to report that Sis Rebecca passed away on July 6th.  The last $200 will be used for funeral help instead of medical help.  After a week of visitation, the burial will be Friday, July 12.
Other PAMI people have had medical issues too.  Ptr Virgilio Fulo was dizzy and weak and is taking medications for his gall bladder and heart.  One EBI student burned their hands and another is having stomach ache.  Ptr Redgie’s little daughter Asian Pearl hit her head on the cement floor, and Ptr Winston’s little daughter had UTI and Amoebias and son missed the first week of school due to fever and swollen legs.  Pray for God’s healing and protection.