July and August Baptisms

As stated in the August 2021 PAMI Bulletin, there have been a lot of baptisms, including 50 in July. Even after the 136 baptisms mentioned in that bulletin, there have been 17 more in August, to bring the year-to-date total to 153! This post includes photos from these August and July baptisms.

On Saturday, August 21 a group baptism of 16 was conducted at a resort pool near EBI by PAMI Ptr Raf Dominguez and Ptr Vir Fulo. Sister Ofel Mendizabal of EBI explained that “8 candidates for baptisms were OFW (overseas foreign workers) from Manila living here in Sorsogon. They were the ones sis Judy handled in Agency. The other 6 were from a Bible study in Pangpang–the one I handled–and the other 2 are youths here in ECF..”

Another person was baptized in August in the ocean at Culusi, Matnog by PAMI Pastor Michael Hista. This was a young mom named Sis Elaiza, that decided to follow Jesus on August 2. At the same time, the church group there had a PAMI-ly bonding and fellowship.

On July 30, a group baptism was held of four from San Jose, Bulusan by PAMI Pastor Lorenzo Fugen.

On July 27, a group baptism was held near EBI of 14 young people from PAMI Bulabog Church. Since Bulabog Pastor Marlon is dealing with health issues (i.e. pain and weakness from gallstones), guest Pastor Lorenzo Fugen conducted the baptizing. After the baptisms, they also enjoyed some games.

On July 20, a group baptism of 16 was held in MonteCalvario Bulan by Pastor Nonie Polo and Ptr Vir Fulo.

On July 17, a group baptism of 11 from Bulan was held at the beach by Ptr Vir Fulo and Ptr Pio Guray.

On July 16, a group baptism of 4 from PAMI PenaFrancia Church was held near EBI, conducted by Ptr Rolly Catubig.

One more person was baptized in July in Castilla by Ptr Redgie. Another 7 were baptized from Castilla in April.

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