Update on Chapel/parsonage construction in San Jose, Bulusan

Since the previous blog post about this project, chapel walls were completed, a cement floor and stage area added, green plastic mesh placed over the windows, and drapes hung. As noted in the August 2021 PAMI Bulletin, chapel construction has progressed enough for it to be used since early August. So far construction efforts have concentrated on the main 5 meter x 7 meter chapel portion of the project, and the initial $3300 has already been used up. There are materials left over (some lumber and cement blocks) from the initial budget that are intended for the parsonage, but more are needed. They hope to add a modest (3 m wide) pastoral living quarters off the back side of the building. An updated lot transfer document was signed (see below), for adding 3 m x 8 m to the existing 8 m x 8 m lot, making the lot be 11 m x 8 m in all. The church people plan to eventually pay off the 33,600 pesos = $680 dollars for the lot themselves, over the course of time by installments. And the mission would like to provide another $1700 towards construction–$1500 towards pastoral living quarters and additional finishing, and $200 for a basic Sunday school cottage on the property next door (offered by the neighbor for free use). The members and people in the neighborhood are excited for this new place being established in their midst.

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