Camar ministry in Prieto Diaz & Bulabog (Padaba, feedings, Bible studies & 5-day kids club)

Pastor Benjie and Elah Camar live near EBI and the PAMI Bulabog Church (part of the municipality of Sorsogon City), and are involved in ministry in these places in addition to starting outreaches a few miles away in the neighboring municipality of Prieto Diaz that they plan to eventually turn into a church plant. Sister Elah is especially active as a Compassion case worker/teacher. Click here to see a pdf report with a lot of pictures of their ministry activities and family situation.

The most recent activity of Pastor Benjie and Elah Camar has been to do a 5-day kids club in Prieto Diaz, which was sort of a Daily Vacation Bible School right before the school year started:

Soon to follow after this will be the distribution of Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes from Samaritan’s Purse, along with follow-up discipleship. You can see in the background of some of these pictures that the boxes are already on site, but they are awaiting the teaching materials to arrive from Samaritan’s Purse before dispersing.

More baptisms and outreaches

There are more baptisms to report since the last post–4 at Juag Island Matnog by Pastor Gumer Gile on March 31 and 4 in Barcelona by Pastor Pio Garduque at the Common River on March 20. This makes 52 or 53 baptisms by PAMI pastors so far in 2021! And there are more on the way according to Ptr Vir Fulo and Sis Ofel Mendizabal (EBI youths yet in April, Candumaay Matnog may have another baptism by the end of April, Mabini by May, and Bulan again by June or July).

Below are pictures from the Juag Island visit and baptism on March 31 by Pastor Gumer Gile. Ptr Gumer said, “before our breakfast we have a morning devotion at the house of bro. Jose and four women coming and requesting a water Baptism so after our devotion and discussing water Baptism we baptized them. So praise God for goodness in the lives of these four Sisters in Christ. May the Lord God bless them continually.” The four baptized are relatives of the Adolfo that was mentioned in the following Facebook post:

By the way, the guy in the green shirt that is assisting Ptr Gumer is Bro Jerom Banares. In addition to doing evangelism, Ptr Gumer recognizes that it’s good to be discipling new leaders and taking them along to outreaches like this.

Below are pictures of the Barcelona baptism on March 20, along with a shot of a worship service at the Buhang Barcelona Church and some shots from Pastor Pio Garduque’s home Bible studies in Cagang Barcelona and Luneta Barcelona.

Barcelona baptism of 4 by Pastor Pio Garduque at the Common River on March 20:

Buhang Barcelona Church service:

Cagang Barcelona home Bible studies:

Luneta Barcelona home Bible studies:

PAMI field report updates

Click on the following to read field reports:
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In honor of the 14th anniversary of Living in Christ (LINC) Church –formerly known as Brampton Community Christian Church–of Brampton, Ontario, this is a five minute presentation of video and pictures from the PAMI ministries that they have supported the last two years. This includes support in 2018 that funded construction of a new building for Fabrica Church in Bulan, Sorsogon, Philippines. And it also includes support that began in 2019 to fund the ministry of Pastor Michael and Michelle Hista in Matnog, Sorsogon, Philippines. The Histas have a church in Candumaay, Sta Isabel, Matnog that celebrated its 2nd anniversary in April 2019. They also have a daughter church meeting in the home of Sister Joyce Manabut in Culasi, Matnog, that began after a May 2019 crusade in Culasi. Philippine-Asian Missions, Inc ( wishes to express a big thank you for this partnership.

Ptr Virgilio's reports of Bulan Church and a wedding he officiated

Click on the following pdf file to see photos of:  Bulan Christian Report Summer Activities 5-10-19
Click on the following pdf file to see photos of:  Newly Added Families in Bible Studies
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Matnog and Irosin 2nd Quarter Reports and Culasi 1st Worship Service

Click here to see:  PAMI IROSIN CHRISTIAN CHURCH 2nd Quarter Report 7-2-19
Click here to see:  Hista Candumaay Matnog 2nd Quarter 2019 Report
There’s been a lot of good ministry happening in and around Matnog and Irosin.  Ptr Gumer and Ofie Gile live in Irosin and have a church there (in the former Fortes compound provided by Jing Danielson), but Ptr Gumer is also a PAMI partition head that supervises other churches, including the one in Candumaay, Sta Isabella, Matnog.  Ptr Gumer was the one who had started ministry in Candumaay Matnog a few years ago, which was turned over to Ptr Michael and Michelle Hista two years ago.  Ptr Gumer is sort of like the Apostle Paul, that travels around evangelizing, getting places ready for church plants (e.g. Candumaay, Gubat, Culasi, Juag Island, San Agustin).  Ptr Michael has been a protege of Ptr Gumer.  Like Ptr Gumer, Ptr Michael is also reaching beyond his homebase in Candumaay to other places like Culasi and Caloocan.  After conducting a May 27-28 Evangelistic Crusade in Culasi, Ptr Gumer and Ptr Michael recently initiated the the first worship service in Culasi in the home of Sis Joyce Manabat, and plan to go back there each Saturday.  Sis Joyce and her mother were among the five baptized in Candumaay on April 28. Read More

EBI partition updates

EBI hosts many workshops and continuing education opportunities, including masteral extension classes of the Bicol Center of Christian Leadership where guest speakers have come on Friday afternoons for the last two or three years. Interestingly, a retired pastor from Oakwood Community Church of Waconia, Minnesota has taught these extension classes three different months over the last year.

Pastors and workers attended the BCCL classes on Acts taught by guest pastor Steve Anderson from Waconia, MN

Emmaus Bible Institute is one of three partitions of PAMI and is headed by Sister Ofel Mendizabal.  It includes the ministries of the EBI campus and it’s daughter churches of Bulabog and Pena Francia.  The ministries of EBI campus include a four-year post-secondary Bible school currently with 19 students, a child development center for 150 Compassion sponsored Padaba (“well loved” or “well cared for”) kids, Emmaus Christian Fellowship Church which serves both the campus and neighborhood, and many outreaches that include Bible studies, children’s milk feedings, weekly Values Instruction Classes in public schools, Family Development Sessions, and Youth Development Sessions.  Click on the following to see reports and pictures of recent highlights of the EBI partition.
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