Pastor Lorenzo Fugen in Bulusan

New Bulusan church signboard, printed on front and back, yet to mounted on a post.

New Bulusan church signboard, printed on front and back, yet to be mounted on a post.

While the December 2014 PAMI newsletter had a short blurb on Pastor Lorenzo Fugen, this post supplies additional information.  For reference, here’s what was posted in the December 2014 PAMI newsletter regarding Ptr Lorenz:
Pastor Lorenzo Fugen is very energetic and capable. Since graduating from EBI in 2010, he’s worked 4 years at EBI and served as film showing coordinator.  While still showing at least one film per month in different towns, beginning early this year, Lorenz was assigned to pastor the PAMI church in Bulusan, which is his hometown and he’s elated to spread the gospel there.
Lorenz is one of two or three PAMI pastors that could use a motorcycle to reach more people and use time more effectively.  He could especially use one to do more Bible studies, go back and forth to help at EBI and other towns, and help transport film showing equipment.  New motorcycles cost $1200-1500 each.
The following are three reports submitted by Pastor Lorenzo regarding PAMI Bulusan Christian Church (BCC), located in the Sapngan Barangay of the Municipality of Bulusan in the Province of Sorsogon.  Corresponding photos subsequently sent by Ptr Lorenz also follow.
June 25, 2014
Dear PAMI Board,
May the blessing and grace of the Lord be upon you all. Last May 30, 2014 I am successfully installed as resident pastor of Bulusan Christian Church PAMI. Maybe I might having some adjustment since I will become part of Bulusan Ministry. Relying on God’s power and grace I have faith that Bulusan ministry will continue to shine as lights and lead people to Christ. As of now by God’s grace we’re making contact with the community through opportunities we have, like FDS, feeding program and house to house visitation. Praise God for the help of our church brethren Robles’ Family for their effort and participation in aiding me in ministry. To God is the highest Glory!
Prayer Request:

  1. Church growth – Bulusan
  2. Church lot and Building
  3. Children ministry
  4. Youth Ministry

In service of Christ,
Pastor Lorenzo F. Fugen

Sept. 7, 2014
Dear Bro.Mike,
     May the peace and blessings of God be upon you. We are very thankful for the blessings that BCC received as typhoon aid. Last August 31, we distributed the aid to BCC families which are affected by typhoon. The full documentation will be followed.
     Every Monday I have Bible study at PNP(Philippine National Police) headquarters since I am connected with NACPHIL (National Auxiliary Chaplaincy Philippines) as volunterr facilitator for Moral Recovery Program. Praise God for the opportunities given to minister not only to the PNP but also in  different departments of the Government. Praise God that the Municipal Mayor identified that we have an existing PAMI Church at Bulusan, and now we’re able to avail some privileges that we can take from the Municipal to the church. Every last Saturday of the month BCC joined breakfast prayer at Mayor’s office with other pastors. Last August 11, we have our meeting with Municipal Link of DSWD for FDS schedules and I’m assinged to Bgy. San Francisco to handle 3 groups for the FDS. Thanks for the benevolence of the DSWD for the blessings that we have recieved and shared to 20 households at Bulusan Christian Church. They give 2kls.rice to each family.
     Last August 8, Bulusan pastors, including me, attended the vision casting of Jesus Reign Philippines. This is a massive celebration whose focus is to exalt and praise the Name of Jesus all over the Philippines. We pray that this would be organized here at Sorsogon, and delegates will come from different provinces of Luzon. After the orientation with the JRP, Col.Bernard Banac invited pastors for our meeting at Police Provincial Office.  He is a devoted and passionate Christian who’s willing to lead the PNP here in the Province and bring them to Christ. He helps to open a door for ministers like us to reach PNP through Bible study and involving them to participate in different activities in the ministry. Praise God for our new contacts for Bible studies and schedules for film showing. Some PNP volunteers also join with me during film showing.
     To God be the Glory…
Prayer Request:
·More contacts for Bible study
·Feeding Program
·Church lot and building
·Healing for Sis.Adora ( she’s my sister and a help in Bulusan ministry).
Servant in Christ,
Pastor Lorenzo F.Fugen
PAMI Bulusan

Oct.30, 2014
Dear bro. Mike,
Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May His grace continually abound in you. Our ministry here at Bulusan Christian Church is continuously blessed by the Lord’s grace. I had a meeting with Matnog Pastor’s Organization to start film showing evangelism at their town. Last September we have 3 film showings in Bulusan and then on Oct. 27, 2014 at Hid-Hid Matnog. Bible studies, feedings, and visitations are on-going, thanks to God’s Guidance and grace… To God be the glory!
Prayer Request:

  • More contacts for Bible study
  • Feeding Program
  • Church lot and building
  • Service (motorcycle) for film showing

Your Co-worker in Christ,
Pastor Lorenzo F. Fugen
PAMI Pastor
The following pictures include:

  • Bible study outreach in a community cottage
  • Kids ministry in PAMI Bulusan church building
  • Jericho march at PNP Provincial Office (Camp Escudero)
  • Bless Our Cops Training
  • Free Bibles from VVM
  • Seminar on Moral & Spiritual Recovery Program

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