EBI school year started June 10

Eight new Freshmen EBI students

“The peace that passeth understanding will guard our hearts so that we will live in the abundance of His Grace”
Last June 10 – We started Bible School with Orientation and presentation of our guidelines and policies from the school handbook. We have 8 freshmen all in all –5 from Manurabi, Matnog — I want to clarify the students are not from Culasi, they are from Manurabi which is 8 barangays from Culasi (Pastor Loreto Alig of Manurabi learns about EBI from Operation Christmas Child when they got their boxes here at EBI), 1 from PAMI Castilla, 1 from Northern Samar and returnee Jerry Homo from Fabrica who decided to continue his Bible schooling; so a total of 8 freshmen.
There are 2 Octoberians (those who started in a previous 2nd semester) who are still completing their subjects – Sharae Mae and Claudio and they also helping in bible studies and outreaches here in EBI in the afternoon.
As for me, I want to continue the same pattern of teaching even if there are  fewer students. “Many are called but few are chosen”. I know we are called by God to serve Him. He has a greater plan for each of us. Many are chosen but fewer are called to be ministers of God. I remembered when we were started bible school in year 1985. When we are freshmen, we are 21 all in all and graduated with only 4.  Tatay Norval started this constitution, we are happy to serve like him. How he was very patient with us in teaching even we are few. I want to adapt that kind of character of being patient to all of the students.
About Janet Ruaza, she decided to stop her internship because of financial problems. Both of her parents got sick. Her father needs 2 times a week dialysis and her mother needs operation on her gallbladder. If it’s Lord’s willing she will come back next semester.
By the way, I already gave love gift allowance to both Roland and Christian (who graduated from EBI in April) of P2,500.00 each ($48). They will be assigned either in Culasi, Juag or Gubat (actually ended up in Buhang). Like Roland, Christian decided to be full time in ministry instead of studying at TESDA.
1st year – freshmen

  1. Jinky Capangpangan – 24 yrs. old Manurabi, Matnog
  2. Samuel Acaso – 22 yrs. old Manurabi, Matnog
  3. Wilson Alig – 20 yrs. old Manurabi, Matnog
  4. Mike Arisga 19 yrs. old Manurabi, Matnog
  5. Michael Arisga 17 yrs. old Manurabi, Matnog
  6. Chris Narania 17 yrs. old Allen, Northern Samar
  7. Demetrio Naldo 19 yrs. old Castilla Sorsogon
  8. Jerry Homo 30 yrs. old Fabrica Bulan

2nd year – sophomore

  1. Jonas Homo
  2. Kevin Mendizabal
  3. Rosebelle Herrera – Returnee student for the 2nd

3rd year – junior

  1. Elsa Labayo
  2. Janet Emma Tatel

4th year – senior

  1. Klynth Gamas
  2. Arjun Menesis
  3. Ashley Joy Sarcia
  4. Sharah Mae Agaton
  5. Claudio Dones
  6. Janet Ruaza – temporary stop her schooling

In Christ,
Sis Ofel
Below are pictures of a class and prayer meeting, along with the current schedule of classes.
Freshman class on Personal Evangelism taught by Sister Ofel Mendizabal:

Dawn prayer meeting:

Class schedule: