200+ attend Crusade in Culasi Matnog May 27-29

From Culasi host Sarah Joyce Manabat: Thank u Lord for the very successful evangelistic crusade, even though many are not ready yet to listen to your gospel but we are very grateful that my PAMIly were here to share the “Good News”.

PAMI conducted a big crusade in Culasi Matnog on May 27-29, with 44 delegates from various PAMI locations helping out.  There were kids sessions in the morning and film showing, music, and speakers for adults and families in the evening.

This is the family of sis. Joyce Manabat  who offered a special song to Jesus

Whereas PAMI Ptr Michael and Sis Michelle Hista live and serve mainly around Candumaay/Sta Isabel which is along the coast north of downtown Matnog, a door has also opened up for them to conduct ministry in Culasi which is along the coast south of downtown Matnog.  Although they will stay in Sta Isabel, they plan to keep conducting Bible studies in Culasi and perhaps get a house church started there too.  The door in Culasi opened up earlier this year through a connection (perhaps a divine appointment) with Sister Sarah Joyce Manabat.  In January Sis Joyce Manabat and Sis Ofel Medizabal happened to cross paths in a Sorsogon Hospital because their son and daughter needed treatment for Dengue Fever. Sis Joyce also knew Ptr Gumer Gile (my kababayan at Matnog says Ptr Gumer).  Sis Joyce was very willing to open her home to Bible studies and invite her neighbors, so Ptr Gumer and Ptr Michael started doing so.  Sis Joyce and some others from Culasi have even traveled 13 km to worship in Candumaay/Sta Isabela.  Several from Culasi were among the 5 that were baptized during the April 28 Candumaay celebrations (i.e. baptism, church anniversary, OCC discipleship graduation).  Then PAMI began planning a big crusade in Culasi.  Several PAMI people did a pre-crusade visit there on May 1.  About a week after this is when Ptr Michael and Sis Michelle’s baby was born.  Then 44 people from various PAMI churches came to help be a part of a crusade there on May 27-29. 
Here are messages I had with Ptr Gumer about that crusade:

Ptr Gumer:  Praise and glory to God for His presence and for the successful of our evangelistic crusade last May 27-29 2019 at Culasi Matnog Sor. We have some new bible study there and childrens ministry and likewise some born again from manurabi joined to the crusade for introducing their 6 young people to enroll at ebi this present month so praise the Lord..

Glory to God because during the altar call many receive and believe in Jesus Christ..
Me:  How many do you estimate attended. And how many do you estimate received Jesus? What happens next?
We praise God for the Crusade. Happy also to know many PAMI people came to help with it.
Ptr Gumer:  Almost 200 . plus those people still remain and watching from their house.. And we have a lot of bible studies there..so possible if God’s will we also help for follow up together with ptr. Mike

Here is an excerpt of a report from Sis Ofel Mendizabal that also mentions this crusade:

We have been blessed by the family of Joyce Manabat-Garalde, the one I told you before I met in SORDOC Hospital when Shelley got Dengue virus. Her family was the one who accommodate us in the two nights Crusade. Most of PAMI churches attend the said Crusade; we have a total of 44 delegates from PAMI. 7 from Candumaay Church, 15 Irosin Church, 10 EMMAUS, 7 Bulan Church, 1 Barcelona, 4 Mabini — plus 6 from Culasi, sister Joyce Manabat’s Family. Praise God, another opportunity was given to us to proclaim the Gospel of Salvation to the place of Culasi. We praise God for more souls coming to Jesus. Morning at 8-10, our youths helped in Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry. We started our Program at 6 pm with film showing and Evangelistic presentations of the Gospel. Nearby barangays also attended the Crusade. Church members with their pastor from Manurabi, nearby barangay also attended. We talked about EBI and six of their youth are willing to attend bible school this June. Really God is good.
Below are a lot pictures, followed by a couple videos of kids and youth performing.



Pastor Gumer Gile