April 2018 PAMI Newsletter & more Ptr Gumer highlights

Ptr Gumer & Ofie Gile with adopted sons, Moses (7) and Jason (13), heading to Juag Island in the outrigger of Mang Jose Fruto.

Here’s the most recent PAMI publication, which includes highlights from the EBI partition and Bulan partition on page 1, and highlights of Ptr Gumer’s ministries on page 2:
April 2018 PAMI Newsletter
Note that Ptr Gumer could use sponsor(s) to cover his $200/month allowance (travel and family living expenses) and $25/month milk feedings, which are currently just covered from PAMI’s general budget.  He has sponsors for his housing and radio time, but not for the rest of his expenses.  In addition to what’s on page 2 of the newsletter, many more nice pictures from Ptr Gumer are located below.  These include photos of the April 7th Rock for Jesus Battle of the Bands held at Irosin Public Auditorium, an April 17th Mabini crusade with mini-concert, March 12-13 Camilig relief distributions and film showings, and other film showings.  Ptr Gumer has been very active with film showings using equipment and films provided by Vernacular Video Ministries.  Praise the Lord that many people attend these film showings, and respond by raising their hands to commit themselves to Jesus.
A second Rock for Jesus Battle of the Bands was held 5-11 pm April 7 at Irosin Public Auditorium, with 5 Christian bands competing and 300+ attending, similar to last year.  In addition to being a ministry event, its goal was to fundraise for welding equipment for Out-of-School Youth 3E’s (Education, Earning and Engagement) Program, which teaches youth shielded metal arc welding while discipling them to be soldiers of God.

Sister Espie Fresto from PAMI Mabini sang with a team from Donsol that included Ptr Elijah Gamba (to her right), who was an EBI classmate of hers.

Ptr Gumer (red shirt) with the panel of officials

April 17th Mabini crusade with mini-concert:
Hi Bro. Mike,

Greetings of peace from our Lord Jesus Christ…!
Thanking the Lord for the successful mini- concert/ crusade, We thank God for all the support from all partition, especially the PAMI Irosin Church who help us all the way to be successful this event from their musicians, instruments, man power, and also to Ptr. Gumer and Sis. Ophie, for their favorable support.
This event held at Basketball court of Brgy. Mabini, we start the program with film showing and after that 4 sets of praise and worship (1 & 4 set by Sis. Espie and 2 & 3 set by Sis. Joan from Irosin church) and 3 sets of messages given by Ptr. Gumer.
150 people of Brgy. Mabini, and 9 young people from Brgy. Añog were attended and 40 person from PAMI all the way from Bulan, Sorsogon, Irosin and Matnog.
This event gives inspiration and encouragement to all the people who listen the songs and God’s word. We have positive impact after our mini- concert, they like it, and gives spiritual blessings to all the people.
We pray that all the people who accept the Lord Jesus Christ that night will  have the courage to attend church and continue to be disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We pray also to have more bible study.
Thanking the Lord,
Ptr. Winston and Sis. Espie of PAMI Mabini Casiguran


April 17th crusade with mini-concert and film showing in Mabini Casiguran


Ptr Gumer’s 7 year old son, Moses on the drums at the Mabini mini-concert

In response to the January eruptions of Mayon Volcano in the neighboring province of Albay, Ptr Gumer went to Camilig to do rice/Bible relief distribution and film showings in two locations on March 12-13th:

Photo by Romeo Ranoco/Reuters

Ptr Gumer coordinated efforts with other pastors local to the area

Pastor Gumer has also done film showings recently at a funeral visitation with a lot of out of town guests, and also along the cement banks of a river dike in Irosin.

Pastor Gumer has also been going to Juag Island recently to do ministry and a film showing.