Candumaay Christmas Love; Hista's Still Need Sponsors

The ministry in the Candumaay barangay of Matnog was boosted by an abundance of Christmas love, both at Christmas-time and extending to Easter.  Last December included Apple Giving to Values Instruction Classes taught by Histas at a local public school and a wonderful church Christmas party sponsored by Filipino patrons.  Then during Easter week, Samaritan’s Purse provided Operation Christmas Child gift boxes and Biblical booklets.  Ptr Michael and Michelle Hista do a great job there, and still need sponsors.  They still need one or two sponsors to cover their $90 per month allowance and $25 per month motorcycle payment.  They’ve been in Candumaay almost a year, since getting married April 26, 2017.  The breadth of their ministry is quite impressive for being there just one year.  For more info on their ministry in Candumaay, please see the August 2017 PAMI Bulletin.  A lot of great photos of their various ministries, as well as a nice report from last October can be found below.

Operation Christmas Child gift box and Biblical booklet distribution:

Early morning prayer walk:

Here are some of our activities at Candumay Matnog: Prayer meeting, children and youth fellowship, literacy class program, evangelism, Values Instruction Class (in public school), Sunday service, disciple and instrument learning…