Matnog and Irosin 2nd Quarter Reports and Culasi 1st Worship Service

Click here to see:  PAMI IROSIN CHRISTIAN CHURCH 2nd Quarter Report 7-2-19
Click here to see:  Hista Candumaay Matnog 2nd Quarter 2019 Report
There’s been a lot of good ministry happening in and around Matnog and Irosin.  Ptr Gumer and Ofie Gile live in Irosin and have a church there (in the former Fortes compound provided by Jing Danielson), but Ptr Gumer is also a PAMI partition head that supervises other churches, including the one in Candumaay, Sta Isabella, Matnog.  Ptr Gumer was the one who had started ministry in Candumaay Matnog a few years ago, which was turned over to Ptr Michael and Michelle Hista two years ago.  Ptr Gumer is sort of like the Apostle Paul, that travels around evangelizing, getting places ready for church plants (e.g. Candumaay, Gubat, Culasi, Juag Island, San Agustin).  Ptr Michael has been a protege of Ptr Gumer.  Like Ptr Gumer, Ptr Michael is also reaching beyond his homebase in Candumaay to other places like Culasi and Caloocan.  After conducting a May 27-28 Evangelistic Crusade in Culasi, Ptr Gumer and Ptr Michael recently initiated the the first worship service in Culasi in the home of Sis Joyce Manabat, and plan to go back there each Saturday.  Sis Joyce and her mother were among the five baptized in Candumaay on April 28.
Here are pictures from the first worship service in Culasi in the home of Sis Joyce Manabat on July 6.  This is what Ptr Gumer said about this:  This pictures are taken at Culasi Matnog Sor.. Whereas we launched our first day of our praise and worship service in the house of sis. Joyce Manabat..and also we have a bible study at Geruela family.. To God all the glory..”

Ptr Michael pointing out the seaside village of Culasi, Matnog

Ptr Gumer Gile in the foreground, with Ptr Michael Hista preaching in the background

Here are pictures from Candumaay on April 28, which included Ptr Gumer as guest speaker to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the church there, graduation of children who completed twelve days of Operation Christmas Child discipleship, and baptism of five.

Sis Joyce Manabat being baptized by Ptr Gumer and Ptr Michael

The mother of Sis Joyce Manabat being baptized by Ptr Gumer and Ptr Michael

Regarding the last couple pictures, this is what Ptr Gumer and Ptr Michael say about the construction on the back of the Candumaay property:  The reason why the building at the back has to be like this, when the weather here in Candumaay was northeast monsoon, heavy rains are flowing from the top of its wall down inside the church, that causes to flood (slight). It will be risky for us and for the church instrument.. This is the original plan for the repair of this part to prevent from sea water when rain comes and northeast wind, and it has dual purposes: First, To prevent sea water or rain flows inside the church to prevent from slight flooding😊 so that the church instrument will not be wet or become rusty, Second, To be use for Sunday School for children, for fellowship or meeting.”
Here are some misc. pictures of Histas and some youth in Candumaay:

Ptr Michael teaching a Values Instruction Class in a Matnog public school once each week

Here are some pictures of Histas with their baby boy Zabdiel Psalm that was born on May 8, 2019:

Here’s some shots of Hista’s having a picnic with Michelle’s parents:

Here’s a shot of Histas in neigboring Irosin:

Ptr Gumer doing Christian radio broadcasts three days a week in Irosin:

Irosin Church service from June 2nd (with Sis Ofel Mendizabal as guest speaker and lunch after):

Irosin church Operation Christmas Child discipleship graduation:

Ptr Gumer with EBI graduates Bro Roland and Bro Christian with a girl receiving an OCC discipleship certificate