July and Sept Bulletins and Fall Update

Click on the 3 pdf files below to see the latest PAMI news summaries, which contain a lot of nice pictures and exciting info:
PAMI Bulan Aug-Sept 2015 report from Ptr Vir Fulo
To augment these files, below is a copy of the Sept 23rd email update that went out to PAMI friends and prayer partners:
Dear PAMI friends,
Fall greetings to you all.  Since my July 2nd PAMI update, there are a lot of exciting things to tell you about.  Attached are three files with a lot of nice pictures included:  July Bulletin on new ministry opening in Mabini Casiguran (making use of large feeding and refuge buildings made available to PAMI), September Bulletin on revival in Buhang (including two group baptisms and a huge response at a high school film showing), and an August-September Bulan Report from Pastor Virgilio Fulo (including another group baptism of 18 and other doings).  Printed copies of the July and September Bulletins have gone out with donation receipts, but I’m sure others will like to see the attached electronic copies too.
In addition, here are a few other updates not included in the attached files that could use prayer:

  • Pastor Pio Garduque is requesting $100 for a bicycle, making it easier for an intern to help with the new ministry in Buhang.
  • Pastor Winston and Espie Fresto are the first PAMI missionaries to go to another Asian country besides the Philippines (realizing the A in PAMI)!  They are part of an International Teams short-term missions trip to Malaysia lasting from September 23 – October 6.  They are going to minister to undocumented people in Sabah, most of whom are Filipinos that are from tribes in Mindanao.  This is the second part of a cross-cultural training class meant to enhance their ministry abilities.  They started this class before moving to Mabini, with plane tickets already paid for by International Teams.  They still plan to continue ministering in Mabini once they return.
  • Pastor William Thompson is still convalescing and continuing with dialysis 2x per week.  PAMI/EBI continues to fill the pulpit at Pastor William Thompson’s church in Matnog.  If Pastor William remains unable to resume ministry in Matnog, his church may transfer to PAMI and need someone to fill in permanently.
  •  Still waiting  on the possibility of partnering with Missionary Ventures, who may supply motorcycles to help with ministry.
  • Still waiting for Compassion to come through with their counterpart  to begin the EBI latrine improvement project.

Additional news and pictures can be found in postings within The PAMI Post blogsite (http://pamimission.org/blog/).
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Through grace,
Mike Thorud 9-23-15
PAMI volunteer president