PAMI Sept 2018 Bulletin, VVM visitors at Emmaus Lutheran, Super Typhoon Ompong

Click here to see the Sept 2018 PAMI Bulletin
When this Bulletin was sent to the PAMI email list, the following information accompanied it:Dear PAMI friends,
Attached is a pdf file of the latest PAMI bulletin (Sept 2018 PAMI Bulletin), with pictures of a group baptism, film showing, crusade, church construction, and sharing the Gospel in schools.
We also want to make you aware of VVM Darwin Bayani visiting Minnesota from the Philippines with US director Colin Edwards.  YOU ARE INVITED to attend their update presentation at Emmaus Lutheran, 8443 2nd Ave S, Bloomington, MN at 6:30 pm Sunday, October 28.  VVM stands for Vernacular Video Ministries, which produce Bible stories with native actors and local dialect  (see and the attached prayer letter).  As part of VVM’s Church Mobilization Initiative, VVM has recently reached out to new areas of the Philippines, including the area where PAMI is located.  In fact, Darwin has spent a few months living in Irosin and worked with PAMI pastors like Gumer Gile and Lorenzo Fugen, who helped with dubbing films and doing a lot of film showings.  I hope you can join us on October 28th to learn more about this partnership.
Link to VVM prayer letter:  Sept 1_2018
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We hope you continue to remember PAMI with your prayers and gifts. Tax-deductible gifts can be made by writing checks to PAMI and mailing to:
PAMI (Philippine-Asian Missions, Inc.)
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Bloomington, MN 55420-6444
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Please forward this email to family, friends, and churches that might be interested in PAMI.
Looking to Jesus,
Mike Thorud 9-13-18
PAMI volunteer president

P.S.  We also want to be aware that Super Typhoon Ompong (Mangkhut) is approaching the Philippines at the same time as Hurricane Florence is approaching the Carolinas, with winds that are even stronger than Florence (up to 300 kph = 190 mph)!  Typhoon and hurricane are two words meaning the same thing (typhoon is the name used in the Pacific, while hurricane is the name used in the Atlantic).  Attached is a picture of the projected path of Ompong, which shows it crossing the northern end of Luzon Island on Saturday September 15.  PAMI is located on the same island, but at the other end of it.  Although it’s good PAMI should avoid a direct hit, our area will still experience a lot of rain and wind.  PAMI is still located within the light blue circle of 75 -100 kilometer per hour winds (i.e. 50 – 60 mile per hour).  So please be praying for protection.
By the way, the season for the most hurricanes and typhoons lasts from September through December.  So there can be more threats to come.  One can monitor on-going typhoon predictions on the following website:
P.P.S.  Like it says on the bottom of the attached PAMI Bulletin:
Besides financial gifts, could use donations of used laptops, projectors, digital cameras, Christian books & CDs, school or arts & craft supplies, hotel sized toiletries, toothbrushes, t-shirts, baseball hats, small toys, etc. to ship in balikbayan boxes.
Balikbayan boxes are 18″ x 18″ x 28″ and cost a flat $100 to ship regardless of weight.  So compactness is more important than weight.  I typically fit 120 – 150 lbs of goods in each box.  It used to take about 2 months to arrive via boat/truck, but now it takes about 3 months.  In turn, if we want them to arrive in time for Christmas, I probably need to pack and ship them within the next week.
Please contact me if you have items to include in this current Christmas shipment or any future shipment (I typically send 2-3 boxes 2-3 times each year).