Updates from Ptr Vir on Bulan Church, Fabrica Church construction, Aug 11 baptism, etc.

Here is a pdf of updates: Bulan Christian Church – August to September 2018 Report
Here are pictures from the August 11th baptism of 12 people in Bulan:


Here are some pictures of the progress of Fabrica Church construction:
We opted concrete roofing or slab because it can withstand strong typhoon unlike G.I. that can easily be blown by strong wind at super typhoon category another reason it will serve as evacuation center for the Christian brothers who have makeshift house during stormy weather.
After the roof, next thing to do will be the windows door and plastering it depends upon the budget.
Note that they’ve already used up about $4500 construction funds and might need about $4000 more to finish.  It is taking significantly more than the previous estimate of $5000 to finish construction because of the following:

The estimate changes because of the soaring cost of materials brought about by high tariff. The first estimate we did not include the construction cost of the c.r. outside and the additional ten square meters costing 20.000.00 pesos so the 185.000.00 pesos on my previous estimate reach to around 225.000.00 this will include windows and roll up of the main door. The soil filling was also an additional expense plus coco lumbers for the construction rafters and supports.