March PAMI Bulletin, Ptr Gumer's Irosin Church Report and 2019 Vision

Click here to see the March 2019 PAMI Bulletin that highlights some ministry of Ptr Gumer.
Click here to see the 1st Quarter Reports and 2019 Vision of Ptr Gumer Gile’s Irosin Christian Church and Ptr Jess Huab’s Patag Christian Church:  1st Qtr Reports and 2019 Vision of Irosin and Patag Churches
Note that Ptr Gumer Gile, Ptr Jess Huab, Ptr Michael Hista and other local pastors embrace the philosophy of the Church Multiplication Coalition, which is to plant a church in every community/village/barangay.  Ptr Gumer attended a CMC national conference near Manila last November, and also hosted a CMC session for local pastors in his ICC house church.  Here are a few photos from that: