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PAMI has been partnering with Faith Comes by Hearing in a pilot version of the E2E (End-to-End) program.  (See previous post for the background of PAMI-E2E.)   FCBH has provided PAMI with a video projection system, and PAMI been taking it to different villages in the region, showing the Jesus Film.  Between Oct 2010 and Oct 2011, the Jesus Film was shown at 12 different locations, with a total of over 1500 people attending.  480 people have indicated a decision to receive Christ resulting in 53 new Bible Study groups.  Below is a testimony from Pastor Lorenzo Fugen regargin the E2E program.
I am so grateful to the richest grace of God for this ministry of showing the love of God among many people through Gospel film showing. I’m personally blessed and very privileged to be a part of this project of the E2E, witnessing people to come to the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Along with the joy of seeing people come to Christ are experiences which add up to maturity in dealing with different people – challenges and humbling experiences. There were times that we stayed in a remote village for 3 days, showing Gospel films in different barangays – you have to walk for 5 hours in a mountainous terrain. We experienced too being harassed by drunk villagers in the midst of our film showing. Sometimes just an intimidation, some people are warning us not to go to a certain place because there were just an encounter between the rebels and the military. But after prayer, we proceed anyway and never harm by the said threat.
Prayer or warfare is intensified as a part of this ministry. The enemy is trying his best to hinder people of coming to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Our continued prayer for more churches to schedule film showings in their respective sites.
Good weather plays an important part too in this ministry – in a place like Bicol (south of Luzon), it rains almost everyday. Please continue to pray for God’s timing.
We give all the glory and honor to God!
Yours in the Lord Jesus,
Ptr Lorenzo Fugen
E2E Project Philippines

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