Will Graham Kickoff Rally and Other Ministry Updates

From Will Graham kickoff Rally

Dear Brother Mike & PAMI brothers & friends,
In God’s love and peace! This time we’re able to rest from EBI teaching and other class schedules because of semestral break. EBI will resume November 4th. But some students preferred to stay to help with small groups Bible studies. It’s good however, that most of the small group leaders are here especially those who work with compassion since it’s their Month Sportfest. But we give them permission (EBI people) to go home for a couple of days for the Barangay Election. This could be a family visit as well.

Compassion Kids Sportfest

Lorenzo and Jay (Jay stayed EBI for sem break because Mindanao is very far) will go to Irosin tomorrow for film showings. Irosin scheduled a four-nights film showings. Please include in your prayers that weather would be good in those nights. Actually, Lorenzo has only 3 remaining showings here near EBI, then all of our small groups are into the E2E program. Although not conventionally go with Acclaimer-Proclaimer-Bible way because many started with Proclaimer and Bible. Anyway, Bible study has been strengthened more after viewing the Jesus film in their barangays. If we could request (for the full E2E program) New Testament Bibles both in Tagalog and Bicolano to go with the BLG Bible Listening Groups. FCBH has used particular New testament Bible translations which had been used in their dubbing. Bibles that we are using along with the Proclaimer has a bit different in translations or wordings.
Thank you very much for the 25 units of Proclaimer that Pastor Raymond Francisco had sent two weeks ago. I did already announce to pastors/churches if they would want to avail to come for a half-day seminar here at EBI end of November for a Proclaimer Presentation. Pastor Raymond let me copy the Proclaimer Powerpoint Presentation during his visit (along with Brother Jim Gleason). This is nice, so that they would have the full knowledge of their responsibility before receiving the proclaimer.
As far as Dengue, cases here in our place seem to be decreasing. It’s good that those 3 kids who were positive and hospitalized due to dengue were Compassion beneficiaries; the family received a 90% refund of hospital expenses.
The kick off rally 19th of October for Bicol Will Graham Celebration of Hope went  well. I let all EBI and church members to come so that they would experience Inter-denominational fellowship. Pastors and workers filled-up the Participation Form as Representatives for Prayer Intercessor, Operation Andrew, Counseling and Follow-up, Youth, Children & Women.

EBI Students at the kickoff for Will Graham Celebration of Hope

There’s a bit change of schedule for YWAM. They will be here in Sorsogon for whole month of November. EBI will host them November 8 – 13.
My mother is slowly recuperating, hopefully, we could have second opinion at other hospital because of very slow progress on her health. Please continue to pray for me too, my doctor’s consultation is not that regular, that’s why I haven’t have update on mu sugar count and blood pressure. But I keep on taking Metformin for sugar and Telmisartan for hypertension.
Your preparing Christmas gifts for us is so touching and heart-warming, especially Aunt Izzy. God continue to bless Aunt Izzy with healing, joy and all of God’s favors. And all the kids helps too. God returns to all of you these labors of love. God bless you abundantly.
Love in Christ,
Pastor Chito
Prayer Requests:

  • wisdom/clear presentation of weaning programs to pastors
  • Pastor James to Mongolia by December, few other requirements to settle
  • Good weather Oct 27th to 30th film showings in Irosin, and more other film showing schedules
  • Strengthened more the Virtues small groups
  • YWAM sched November 8th -13th at EBI
  • VOICE school ministry starting November here at Guinlajon Public school
  • Christian Literature Center
  • Prayer coverings for all PAMI pastors and workers and family
  • God’s breakthrough in evangelism in San Isidro & Calbayog, esp. God’s protection for Raquel and Isomel and volunteers
  • Tatay’s bakery
  • Irosin PAMI church lot and building
  • Pastor Chito and mother (Araceli) healing
  • December activities and schedules
  • Proclaimer seminar at EBI
  • growth/progress of all PAMI churches and works
  • Joy and commitment in serving

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