Mourn with Those Who Mourn

We were saddened learn that on November 16, Sis Meriam Thompson went home to be with the Lord.
(Meriam was the wife of Ptr. William Thompson, who serves the Korean Presbyterian church in Matnog, but has been a long time friend and partner with ministry of PAMI.  Ptr. Thompson teaches at EBI, and has been a spiritual mentor and father to many EBI students and alumni.)
Meriam went into the ICU a few days earlier with Heart Attack symptoms.  Initially, she had been revived multiple times, but eventually the doctors saw that they could not do anything more.
EBI students and staff were very busy the next week ministering to the Thompson family.  In looking back, Pastor Chito writes:
Mercy and Grace of God! Another whirlwind weeks had just passed. In His grace that we may able to sustain. Praise God that we’re able to extend grace of help to needy brothers like Ptr Thompson and family and others. Not just financial help but many in many ways. We (and some EBIs) attended mostly to the needs  of the family while at the hospital like keeping watch at night, in order for the family to sleep too, buying medicines and other errands (EBI tricycle a big help too), washing clothes, sending hot water and opening our house (EBI) for the family. And standing with the family in their most painful moment of decision of letting go (reviving sis meriam many times at the interval 20 or 30 minutes – the doctor finally recommended no resuscitation due to the fact that sis meriam already brain dead and only breathing because of the ventillator. We sent an EBI students to further assist them in Matnog, preparing things there. I personally attended the processing of the PhilHealth and other papers, preached at their Sunday service, vigil with them at nights and officiated the necrological service. Might be exhausting but looking that the family and relatives being encouraged, we’re encouraged too; as Romans 12:15 “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.”

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