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One of the partnerships that will be highlighted at the PAMI Potluck this coming Friday Sept 24th is the End to End (E2E) program with Faith Comes By Hearing.  On one end are Jesus film showings in the Bicolano or Tagalog languages, using the Acclaimer projection system received from FCBH on May 8.  This is followed by weekly Bible study groups that listen to and discuss a Bicolano or Tagalog audio New Testament, using one of the 25 Proclaimers received from FCBH on May 8.  Because of the good response, FCBH plans to now supply another 25 Proclaimers.  Some of the exciting developments are listed below.
As you can see in the below report from Pastors Lorenzo and Chito, a number of film showings have been done, which have been well received and had good turn-outs.  In turn, there have been several follow-up Bible listening groups.  

Various pastors and leaders have also used the Proclaimers in a number of cell groups and Bible study groups, even where film showings haven’t already been done.  For instance, all the EBI students and workers, and members of their neighborhood outreaches, members of Emmaus Christian Church (the neighborhood church on our EBI campus), and families of the 101 Compassion International kids (who come to EBI each week), have been placed into 14 cell groups named after different virtues (called Virtue Small Groups).  Four of the Proclaimers are shared amongst those 14 VSGs as they weekly meet to listen to a chapter from the Bible, discuss what they’ve listened to, and spend time in worship and prayer for each other.
People from EBI also go to the Sirangan market site (a slum area in Sorsogon town proper) every weekend, and use the Proclaimers with over 100 kids and adults there too.  As you can see in some of the pictures in our blog site, they like reading along in printed New Testaments as they listen to the audio New Testament.
We have a report from listening groups in Bulusan that would also like to have printed Bicolano New Testaments to read along with.  Printed Scripture is the third part of E2E.  FCBH might eventually supply printed Scripture once groups are more established.  In the meantime, we could buy discounted Scripture from The Philippine Bible Society at the cost of only $.60 per New Testament or $1 per whole Bible.  Please consider sponsoring the purchase of some Scriptures.
Please see the following articles from The PAMI Post, for examples of where the Proclaimers are being used:
— On Mon, 9/20/10, Chito Mendizabal <chitomendizabal@yahoo.com> wrote:
Dear Brother Mike,

In God’s grace! This is Bro. Lorenzo Fugen’s report on Film showing.
The first film showing was made at Barangay Capuy Sorsogon City on June 24th. Attendance is about a 100 persons. The one who gave Gospel challenge was Pastor Arman James. Some of the attendees were Pastor Norly’s Bible studies. We usually gave 100pesos for the use of electricity, but local officials refused to accept, instead so grateful for the spiritual blessing that they received. Results is being followed up by Pastor Norly.
The second film showings were done at Castilla Sorsogon as requested by Pastor Redgie Bonifacio on July 16th & 17th. Two nearby Barangays with attendance of 60 and 80. Pastor Redgie gave the challenge for acceptance in one barangay and I (Lorenzo) did in the other Barangay. We just invited the people to stand and say the prayer of acceptance.
We also had film showing at Bgy Campsite Sorsogon City. One barangay official (Mr Dario Embile) supported us in the film showing. He showed us the best spot, provided meal for us and didn’t accept the payment for electricity. Approximately 80 people attended. I (Lorenzo) preached the salvation message. Some members of the cell group there assisted too in the film showing, especially inviting people.
Another Barangay was Barayong Sorsogon. About 70 persons attended. Praise God that barangay officials were always cooperative in almost all of the film showings. They showed us the best site like basketball court. And the Barangay Chairman (Mr Dominador Jintalan) even sent barangay policemen to secore peace and order. They helped too announcing to the people.
On September 3rd we went back to Castilla. This time we had our film showing at the town proper which attendance was about 200. They appreciated much the Bicolano Jesus Film. Many accepted Christ when we let them pray the prayer of acceptance. Bro Marlon helped me with the equipments.
We also had film showing at Barangay Sirangan Sorsogon City with attendance of about 100 persons.
The latest film showing that we had was at barangay Basud. The Barangay chairman (Mrs Leonida Dioneda) was very supportive. More than 100 persons attended the showing. This was very touching because after the film showing people with sickness were brought to us to be prayed over. and many of those who attended are now Bible studies being followed up by James.
Lord’s willing, the next film showing would be at Pastor Randy’s place at Samar. But many requests were made too from pastors in the province of Sorsogon.
This is so wonderful experience seeing many people touched by the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Please pray for us always because timing too is very important. Especially that it’s rainy season already. We usually postponed schedules because it (rain) might damaged the equipments.
Thank you very much for entrusting to me this so big privilege.
In Christ,
Bro Lorenzo, with Pastor Chito
Note1: Lorenzo stayed most of the time at EBI because of the schedules. He even had a big part in the virtues small groups.
Note2: Documentation in the film showing (photos) usually not so clear as showings were made in the evening.

Pastor Lorenzo preaching to the audience

Barangay Policeman Helping to Manage the Gathered Crowd

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