Effects of Dec 14th Typhoon Nona (Melor)

Even though I’m still waiting on some info, here is what I know so far.  On Dec 14, Typhoon Nona (Melor) passed right through the middle of Sorsogon Province, which is where PAMI is mainly located.  This was right after it glanced through the north edge of Northern Samar.   News articles said that 4 people were killed, 740,000 people evacuated, and electricity could be out until Christmas for some.
This typhoon hit the following PAMI towns: Bulusan, Irosin, and Bulan had the most damage, but Barcelona, Castilla, Matnog and areas around our Bible school near Sorsogon City were also affected.  Bulusan church collapsed and roofs of other PAMI churches partially came off or were damaged, a thatched cottage at EBI lost its roof, and homes of about 100 PAMI families were badly damaged (especially those living in homes made of light materials).  These included the homes of some PAMI pastors/workers.  They could use several thousand dollars of relief help.
Here is a report from Pastor Virgilio Fulo with pictures and a list of over 50 PAMI families with damaged homes just in the area around Bulan:  Fulo Report of Typhoon Victims
News about other towns and families is noted in the messages from Michelle Catubig and Ofel Mendizabal below.  Please keep praying for their continued recovery.
From Michelle Catubig on 12/17/15:
Hello, bro. Mike . Thank you for the prayers and for the Financial assistance. Thank God for answered prayer. I heard to one of the students in EBI that some of the members of ECC Guinlajon and members in bulabog church has also damage by the typhoon. While in Penafrancia church members praise God that there house are still strong, no report of damage when my father ptr. Rolly visited them after the typhoon.  We do hope only to God, we know his ways are good.. Thank you for the encouragement bro. Mike.   Hello bro. Mike… We already receive the 2,000 pesos help for typhoon damage. I thank you on behalf of my family. Sis. Ofel told me that electric connection in EBI had been cut of by the star Apple tree, that’s why until now there is no current there, in their neighborhood had been lighted up last night. There are some damage also in EBI_ cottage 2, the roof had been remove.
From Sis Ofel:  12/17/2015
Hi bro. Mike! Greetings of peace! We are now having difficulties in communication because there’s no signal..and 3 days until now no electricity..there’s so much damages in many locations of PAMI..but praise God no casualties..many light materials houses collapsed including the house church in bulusan..I gave 1500 pesos to ptr Lorenz.. Pls pray for all of us…
Typhoon Nona hits Sorsogon, Bulan, Bulusan, Barcelona, Matnog, Sta.Magdalena, Gubat..
From Sis Ofel: 12/19/2015
Hi bro. Mike! This are the names of members who are totally damage: bulusan house church, Barcelona church members: Andes family, Evasco family, Mina family, Espaldon family, Fragio family Ferol family, Esplana family..reported by ptr pio garduque…Castilla church: Jelly Laruga, Cristina Ladra, Baby Laruga and Maricon Adriatico and 4 families with partially house damage..reported by ptr Redgie Bonifacio.. Bucalbucalan: family Ladub, Pullido family, Tatel family, Jamisola family, Sis Mabel and family, sis Leizle family Capuy, sis.Lyn and family Capuy.. Pastor Marlon House in Matnog totally collapsed..We pray that God’s strenght be upon us.. We will send some of our documented pictures when electricity returns..thank you much..God bless!