Children’s Bible Classes at EBI & James approved for Mongolia

From an April 12th email from Pastor Chito:  In God’s love. We’re on the 2nd day of our kids Bible Classes (part of the Operation Christmas Child shoebox program).  It’s so joyful to worship with the kids this big; though many of them are newcomers/seekers, and yet they have such worshipful hearts. We have about 300 kids ages 8 to 14. We started the classes with plenary worship (devotion of Words, learning new songs), then proceed to their respective classes. We have 15 classes of twenty kids per class. Kevin (my second son), who has one class too said,”Teaching kids is both fun and challenging. This really would move you to pray and study hard.” (Kevin is the current youth chairman of Emmaus Christian Church; he and other officers with him are praying for many young peoples, especially discipling them).  James is supposed to handle the class, with Kevin, but this week is also his ACM interview. He’s in Manila and be back on Monday. As far as I know, his going to Mongolia is very near. He just texted me to pray for his interview. When he’s back, we’ll know of the exact date of his sending off.
From a later email:  GOOD NEWS is James arrived today from his mission interview and he passed. Few papers yet be arranged; ACM will do the visa and other travel papers. and his going to Mongolia is First week of June. PRAISE GOD!!!! And many other good news about their partnership with ACM in my next email.
By the way, with such a big influx of children, it is hoped to even add a separate worship service for children on Sunday mornings.
Pictures of the Children’s Plenary Worship Time

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