More Pictures from Children’s Bible Classes

 As part of the Operation Christmas Child shoebox program, the 8 – 14 year olds were split into small groups of 20 each and taught with discipleship materials provided by Samaritan’s Purse called The Greatest Journey.  These 15 small groups simultaneously met in different places throughout the campus of Emmaus Bible Institute.  It was nice to have expanded facilities (including the new kids building) and more chairs to facilitate this.  It was also nice to give so many people teaching experience and the teacher training that came beforehand.
Picture Descriptions
JPG 1429 is Lorenzo giving gospel message for kids for the initial giving (for ages 2-7); Sis Mariz did give message for the second batch
JPG 1430 is ptr chito attending to some yet so young kids (ages 2) who are included too in the list but could not yet sit for a minute to listen
JPG 1446 is Kids Bible Class, Eduard as one of the teachers
JPG 1448 is Teacher Kevin
JPG 1449 is Teacher Thelma
JPG 1450 is Teacher Marlon
JPG 1451 is Teacher Mariz with Teacher Bern
JPG 1452 is Teacher Cathy & Teacher Jenny
JPG 1453 is Teacher Dwight
JPG 1454 is Teacher Janice
JPG 1455 is Teacher Rosebelle & Teacher Liezyl
JPG 1456 is Teacher Lorenzo

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