KAIROS Evangelism Training at EBI

EBI was host to KAIROS evangelism training, sponsored by the Asian Center for Missions (ACM) March 25-30.  Ptr. Chito writes:
About ACM; Before the team came to Emmaus, they are praying of mobilizing Bicol Mission. But when they look for churches in Bicol which would become their partners, they were bit dissapointed because churches were not yet ready as many of them are not missionary churches, that is, global evangelization is no yet part of their program. Then the team proceeded to Sorsogon to see James so that his mission to Mongolia be updated and decided. When they talked with us, they were very encouraged because PAMI indeed is a missionary church- that is looking every opportunity to start a church where there is no God’s works yet. PAMI is very much a missionary church along with our vision, mission and program of reaching people groups in the Philippines like those in the Visayas and Mindanao; besides that we did send James for cross-cultural mission.

Small Groups at KAIROS Seminar

Then, they scheduled for Kairos Training in Emmaus; about 40 enrolled and finished the course including some pastors and workers from other churches. We too were so encouraged and challenged to be part of bringing into closure the world evangelization (though the task is enormous), but igniting the light would surely make a difference.
As a result, they identified persons from those who finished the course who might be ready for cross-cultural mission both locally (tribe/minorities of the Philippines) and those in the 10/40 windows, mostly in the third world countries.
But prospective goers must have first to undergo the full course of ACM (15 subjects in all). The program is full scholarship (60,000 pesos budget of every person). The training they proposed to be made at EBI instead of going to Manila like what James had done; they will schedule a week for every subject, and classes will be made at night 6:30-9:30 p.m. Instructors from Manila will take a hotel in Sorsogon or they can sleep at EBI if they want. ACM will also share in the costs for electricity and water.

KAIROS Training Video

The proposed program is still in prayer. Please pray for God’s timing of all of these. Please pray too for this Children Worship today in Legazpi City.
Thank you very much. God abundantly bless us all! All the glory belongs to Him alone.
In God’s love,
Ptr. Chito Mendizabal
P.S.  Happy Birthday to Sis Sue. All the divine favor, blessings, and happiness be upon her. God abundantly bless you for your so kind heart of loving those whom your husband loves – like PAMI missions. You are the Sarah of Bro Mike, who’s an Abraham with regards to building and extending God’s mission.

Skit/role-playing of reaching out a tribe by Kiwi people (Christians)

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