Children’s Worship Prelude to Will Graham Bicol Celebration of Hope


Emmaus Children at the Worship Celebration

On April 14, a giant Children’s Worship (Madya Mag-orogma!) was held in Legazpi City as a prelude to the Will Graham Bicol Celebration of Hope.  Ptr. Chito writes:
In God’s wondrous grace. Very early today (6a.m.), 14th of April, we will be going to Albay Astrodome Legazpi City. This is Children Worship Celebration of Hope hosted by the Billy Graham Evang. Assoc. Team. Two buses have been alloted for Emmaus;  and we have 160 children plus 15 counselors (trained at the Life & Witness Course); By the way, PAMI shares a lot in the Bicol Celebration of Hope. Ptr Virgilio Fulo, Rafel, Gumer and me are all echelon supervisors; and 38 people from Emmaus are counselors; 7 from Irosin, and 6 from Bulan including Sis Letty and son Alvin. But they are not going to Children Celebration yet because it’s Sorsogon City who’s just given the free transpo this time; but they and all in the province are waiting for the big event comes the Bicol Celebration of Hope in the 28th to May 1st at Pili Stadium Camarines Sur

Children Gathering at EBI as early as 5 AM

HALLELUJAH! What a wonderful thing to see such a great number of children to worship God. The 10,000-seat Astrodome is fully-packed. Indeed this is the first in Bicol region; this is HISTORIC.  Emmaus has a part because we have 160 children plus 15 counselors with ptr randy. Of the 12 buses from Sorsogon province, Emmaus takes 3 buses. Wow! This is great blessing considering that rent for each bus is 15,000 pesos. God is so good. Actually, after receiving such big gifts from the OCC, Emmaus decided to give way to other churches for this children celebration. We’ll have our share again in the Pili Stadium Celebration.  In fact, churches in many towns of Sorsogon has its own big lists of children, esp. that its free transportation. But when it comes to finalization, BGEA office said that all the lists submitted (about 5,000 kids in all) could not be accommodated. Instead, BGEA decided to lower the number of Children from Sorsogon to just about 1000. And to lessen the budget, children who live just in the city be accommodated. That’s why, though Emmaus did not intend to join, we have been given the chance.
With all the good things that are happening, TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!!!

At the Children's Worship

Love in Chirst,
Pastor Chito
P.S. Ptr Randy has nice video of this children celebration.

Great Multitudes of Children

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  1. To God be the glory.. I was so blessed to see thousands of children gathered together for the glory of God.. It’s a very wonderful truth that God works in us.. In this Region and in this country..

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