Typhoon Glenda damages PAMI ministry sites

Typhoon Glenda right before hitting Sorsogon Typhoon Glenda over Bicol_cropped
Typhoon Glenda (aka Rammasun, which in Thai means “God of Thunder”) was the first major storm of this year’s typhoon season in the Philippines.  It blasted its way through Luzon Island on Tuesday July 15 and Wednesday July 16, making landfall in Albay Province, just north of Sorsogon Province and exiting just south of Manila.  It ranked up to a category 3 typhoon, with winds up to 130 mph, and dumped up to a foot of rain in some places.  Countrywide, 20 people are dead and 5 missing so far.  Although not as severe as the super-typhoon Haiyan (aka Yolanda) that hit the central Philippines last November, this one still caused much damage.  Whereas Typhoon Haiyan did not affect PAMI locations very much, unfortunately Typhoon Glenda did.
Although the eye of Glenda did not pass directly through PAMI locations, it came within 10 – 20 miles, close enough to cause much damage.  Sorsogon City was close enough to have 80-90 mph winds.  PAMI ministry locations closest to the path of Glenda were Sorsogon City (where Emmaus Bible Institute, Bulabog church, and Penafrancia church are located) and Castilla church.  We know for sure that all these places had damage, but not sure about other PAMI places yet.
This is what I’ve learned so far in texts from Sis Ofel Mendizabal, the director of EBI:
7/15/2014 6:01:50 PM
Hi bro Mike! The typhoon Glenda hits Sorsogon and all Bicol region, we need your prayers right now!
7/16/2014 8:39:38 AM
Hi bro. Mike.  Typhoon Glenda in Sorsogon was signal#3.  We are all safe, but most of our facilities have been damaged–the session hall roof, window glasses, pastor Raff’s roof, roof of the church, cottage, and all the mango trees fall down ,including the big tree side of the session fall down on top of the roof of the session hall.  Most of Sorsogon been damaged by the strong typhoon. Thanks for praying for all of us.  We are all safe by God’s grace!
Family of pastor Raff and some of EBI staff sheltered here in our pastoral house and ebi students and other ebi staff in the Padaba (Compassion kids) building and elmer’s room.  Boys stay in their dormitory.
Penafrancia and Bulabog members are all affected because most of their houses built of light materials.. Church at Bulabog need repair of roof, and one church member Nova family their house was carried by flood.
We are now busy clearing the EBI compound due to the fallen trees.  No electricity until this time.
I texted ptr Redgie in Castilla.  He said their house also falled down by coconut tree and the church also many damages. About Barcelona and Bulusan still not responding maybe due to no electricity.