Many baptisms and touching testimony of a rebel

IMG_1024Ptr Virgilio says they are planning a group baptism on Aug 2 for Bulan and its daughter churches.  They currently have 15 candidates for baptism that day!  He says to pray for good weather and success for that.  Emmaus Bible Institute and it’s daughter churches are also planning for a group baptism by October.
I’ve also recently learned that Irosin and Barcelona joined together for a group baptism of 11 people (5 from Irosin and 6 from Barcelona) on May 18 (see attached pictures).  I think some of these baptisms at least partially stem from young people that attended the all-PAMI youth camp back in April.
Ptr Gumer of the Irosin church also reports wonderful news of a NPA rebel commander being baptized separately on June 24, and how this man promises to lay down his weapon and reach other members of his family and company for Jesus with the Word of God.  Here is what Ptr Gumer says about that man: 
Last May 15, 2014 my wife and I shared him a gospel of salvation.  Then God convict him when he heard the word of God that I shared with him.  He wept when he recognized that he is a sinner and there is a powerful judge beside them and all must come to repentance and must believe in Jesus Christ to be saved from sin and not to be condemned.  Last May 18, 2014 after he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in his heart and believing, he leaves us and going home at Quezon province to visit his family and after return here in Irosin for water baptism he stays here one week. Last June 24, he undergoes water baptism in Bagsangan at swimming pool.  He said “Now I believe that there is A God, and all are sinners, there is hell a wait for un repented sinners and heaven for sinners who repented for his sins and there is only one Judge who judged us that is the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, now I surrender my life to Jesus and I promised not to carry a deadly weapon for my life but only the word of God and Jesus Christ must be preached to my family and to my company, promised.” and he add that if more souls convert in Jesus and ready to be baptize and having a building made of light materials for a church he will invite me to go there at Quezon province to baptize.
– To God all the Glory! Please pray for this new born again to grow continually in his faith or in his spiritual life before God and to the church of Jesus Christ.
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